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#Realestate trend-spotting: co-living, fix-and-flip and #babyboomers  becoming renters. #ProptechCEOsummit 

US home sales rose 1.9% last month, lifted by lower rates $FAF #FAF  #Homesales  #Realestate  #Economy 

21.11.19 : alstria closing shareprice on XETRA is 16.57 Euro. More information #shares  #REIT  #realestate 

Investors push for a turnaround for RAIT Financial Trust, a Philadelphia-based commercial real-estate investment trust

Blackstone made more than $3.5 billion in profits on the company it created to buy homes and then rent them out, reshaping the national real-estate landscape in the process. @RyanDezember 

These are the 124 super-high-end real-estate deals in Erie County so far this year


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Pharrell just announced he's designing a condo at Yonge and Eglinton #Toronto  #Pharrell  #Untitled  #RealEstate 

Everything that made Epstein’s life possible remains in place after his arrest: the Caribbean tax havens, the hidden real-estate deals, the buying of politicians, the nonprofits that sell reputational glow, the editors who cover for people of their class.

Open Borders Democrats are suicidally stupid, but hey, let's all pound Ben Carson over a stupid real-estate acronym! Here's an acronym: R.I.P., America.

Jared Kushner's family real-estate company has reportedly been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury

Income Jared Kushner earned in 2015: $1.7 million Taxes Jared Kushner appears to have paid, thanks to a tax benefit for real-estate investors: $0

. has unearthed videotape of Sean Hannity (back when no one knew he was building a real-estate empire) talking about the mortgage crisis--and the right of average Americans to own a home.

The sleazy last-minute tax loophole for real-estate investors will cost—each year—three times as much as the entire Children’s Health Insurance Program, which Congress is refusing to fund. Corker & Trump & a few rich investors, or 9 million poor children. #CorkerKickback 

Trump attorney threatens formal challenges to Mueller/DOJ if Russia probe gets into old real-estate deals. @politico 

Jared Kushner’s real-estate firm raises new conflict of interest issues for Donald Trump.

For too long, reality TV star real-estate moguls have been silenced by the immigrant parents of slain U.S. soldiers. Trump says, “no more.”