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Even a small degree of carelessness will have adverse impacts. Thus, let us keep reaffirming the importance of masks, social distancing (Do Gaj Ki Doori) and washing hands.

Francis had previously indicated support for them as an archbishop a number of years ago, but reaffirming support for them as a sitting pope represents an historic moment in church history.

Gladys Berejiklian has again spent the day re-affirming she has no intention of quitting her job as Premier. | @alicemhogg 

#Twitter Inc on Friday confirmed it reversed its decision to block links to a @nypost  article about #Democratic  presidential candidate @JoeBiden 's son, despite reaffirming the ban late on Thursday.

Twitter confirmed it reversed its decision to block links to a New York Post article about Joe Biden's son, despite reaffirming the ban late on Thursday

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“American investors are quietly reaffirming that President Trump is still perceived as a driving force behind a healthy stock market and thriving economy.” @harperbulletin  #InsideTheBeltway 

Today I joined 64 city attorneys, district attorneys, and attorneys general in reaffirming our commitment to fighting for #ReproductiveRights . The law is clear: you cannot restrict a woman’s right to choose.

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NEW: The State Dept is doing “everything we can” to release additional emails from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, Pompeo says, reaffirming a vow he made after Trump criticized him for not doing more @nwadhams  @business 

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UNIFIL hosts the first round of US mediated talks between Israel and #Lebanon  at 10 am. President Michel Aoun: talks would be on technical issues only, reaffirming that the negotiations limited to maritime borders and did not mean normalization of ties

China's trade boomed in September, reaffirming the world's second largest economy is recovering from the pandemic -


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In a little over 3 months, #COVID19  has changed the world in so many ways, bringing us closer together and reaffirming the importance of #HealthForAll . This video shows the key moments so far as WHO works with partners worldwide to fight #coronavirus  and save lives.

New: The US Senate, by unanimous consent, passed a resolution reaffirming the commitment to "the orderly and peaceful transfer of power"

This World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the #FBI  joins our partners throughout the world in reaffirming our commitment to rescuing #humantrafficking  victims and bringing their perpetrators to justice. #EndTrafficking 

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BREAKING NEWS: Costa Rica has made marriage equality the law of the land. 🏳️‍🌈 CR Thank you, Costa Rica, for reaffirming that #LoveIsLove !

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The illegal entry of a woman carrying Chinese passports at Mar a Lago is reaffirming continuing concerns inside the Secret Service, I’m told. “Access remains an issue,” an agency official said. “It continues to be an issue.”

If you’re upset Warren isn’t dropping out in service of Bernie you need to sit down and think about why you’re reaffirming the very power structures you say you want to overthrow.

On #PresidentsDay , reaffirming Lincoln’s words in his 1st Inaugural Address: “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people…”

We are going down a dangerous road when Senators are refusing to stand up for our nation’s laws. Senate Republicans even went so far as to block a resolution reaffirming our support for whistleblower protection laws.

AG Barr is reaffirming what we've all known for two years now—there's a good chance the government spied on 's campaign But this isn't surprising. The government has been using its power to spy on political enemies for decades. Read more!