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@USMC  Marines with @MRF_D_Tweets  arrived at Royal Air Force Base Darwin, Australia, as part of the U.S. commitment to combined readiness and shared regional security fo #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific  a .

#GenMilley  to #HASC : "Equality and opportunity are matters of military readiness--Not just political correctness. There is no place in our armed forces for manifestations or symbols of racism, bias, or discrimination. "

Europa Clipper project manager Jan Chodas says mission is planning launch readiness date of mid-2024. Could launch direct to Jupiter on SLS in Aug. 2024, but could launch in fall using gravity-assist trajectory on SLS or alternative vehicle. Need decision on vehicle by end 2020.

Col. Skalicky spoke on the need for the @usairforce  to adapt to address near-peer competitors such as China, and the contributions being made to support Combat Air Forcereadiness around the globe.

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Service members: develop a spending plan to stay on track with your finances. Follow this financial readiness journey map from @DoDFINRED  for tips every step of the way (PDF).

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Gauging retirement readiness depends on many factors. Here are some checkpoints to help along the way:

#Covid19 may disrupt some plans to transition from #LIBOR  and authorities may need to review readiness to implement the #BaselCommittee  and #FinancialStabilityBoard  report; banks and counterparties may have to prepare for a compressed timeline

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Biegun reaffirms U.S. support for inter-Korean cooperation, readiness to engage N.K.: State Dept.

Eurex Exchange - Eurex Exchange Eurex ExchangeReadiness Newsflash | Go-live of the mandatory PIN procedure for Trading on Behalf (ToB) and other inquiries on 3 August 2020


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Compassion is concern for others—sincere concern for others’ well-being founded on awareness of our own experience. Since it makes us happy when others show us affection and offer us help, if we show others affection and readiness to help they too will feel joy.

Many thanks to President Geingob and our Namibian partners for hosting me. It was such an inspirational visit. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a vibrant movement to enhance school readiness in the country. Because children are tomorrow’s future. #CAFO  #LLCL  #WAD 

Exactly 3 years ago, I questioned @HHSGov  & @CDCgov  about their readiness for a flu pandemic. Key government positions were vacant, budgets were being slashed, & the President’s only idea was a travel ban. It’s been 3 years – & nothing has changed.

This investigation has found Britain was in a poor state of readiness for a pandemic. Emergency stockpiles of PPE had severely dwindled and gone out of date after becoming a low priority in the years of austerity cuts

“Democrats have dangerously and intentionally misled the American people on #Coronavirus  readiness,” said the senator, downplaying the threat as she sold her own stock.

The NFL arranged this workout opportunity for Colin Kaepernick, and teams will have the opportunity to evaluate his readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career. His agents have said he wants to return to the NFL, and the league hopes this provides that chance.

President @realDonaldTrump : Why are you putting @usairforce  readiness at risk to pay for your expensive, ineffective, vanity border wall? Enough. Stop the cuts.

Remember this the next time @realDonaldTrump  tries to claim he supports military readiness. Believe what they do. Not what they say.

Breaking: The commandant of the Marine Corps is warning that deployments to the U.S.-Mexico border and funding transfers under the president's emergency declaration are contributing to an “unacceptable risk” to the Corps’ combat readiness.

By attacking thousands of troops, @realDonaldTrump  makes clear that he cares more about extreme ideology than military readiness.