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As financial markets change rapidly and serious debt vulnerabilities arise from #COVID19 , countries need quality and transparent debt #data  to ensure relief. Read what the @WorldBank  does to make this possible

What wonderful stories from Ruth Jones's family and Wales on this evening's #WDYTYA  - begin your journey into Welsh history with our collection of Welsh newspapers, which you can read about here:

29min 29sec ago, I received a *quote. Well, maybe a little longer than that but read it anyway, then click the link

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The new EU bond deal’s success shows it can easily raise money to help support the economy, says our David Zahn. Read more:

Where do your recyclables go? Rest easy. Recyclables are (probably) going exactly where they're supposed to go. Same trucks, different destination- most often a sorting plant like a materials recovery facility. Read more about the recycling process

There was a huge upside surprise in the October 13 release of China’s import figures for the month of September: imports surged 13.2% on a year-over-year basis vs. the FactSet consensus of 0.2%. Read more: #china  #trade 

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This is the tightest market in history dating back to at least 1999 for houses that are already finished. Read more in tonight's Closer:

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A wonderful read from @mehrotra_saket  on the economics of coffee ☕️ —> Farm to Cup


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This hasn't gotten enough attention, but you need to know. Everybody needs to know. 1/ It's about the massive coverup campaign underway to disguise the octopus-like Russian election interference operation being run on Trump's behalf. Please read this whole thing.

Fox News is right: Any idiot can read off a teleprompter

I was just handed a 479-page tax bill a few hours before the vote. One page literally has hand scribbled policy changes on it that can’t be read. This is Washington, D.C. at its worst. Montanans deserve so much better.

Biden was asked questions at his so-called Press Conference yesterday where he read the answers from a teleprompter. That means he was given the questions, just like Crooked Hillary. Never have seen this before!

Read so many amazing tweets from you guys ! Thanks for sharing the memories with us .. Here's to many more

I read all that u send me. Believe in yourself and don't let anyone bring you down. I love u. #MyBeliebers 

UPDATE: Republicans rejected our motion to adjourn until Monday so senators could read the bill they just introduced. RT If you think senators should have time to read a bill that affects every single American.

Yes, you read that right. @BTS_twt  and @halsey  for the FIRST TIME EVER. #BBMAs  are Wednesday, May 1 on NBC.

I would have read my damn briefs, Barbra, that's for sure.

in the next 5 hours each RT = $1 donation by me to . Please read & share on why PP is important for all women.

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