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As @politico  reported, unionized workers had a lower rate of job loss in 2020, quoting @sorethumbelina , “the percent decline in the number of employed was over three times larger for nonunion workers than for union members.” #Union  #BLSdata 

As President Sisi plows money into has army backers, Egyptian health care workers lack personal protective equipment and other medical supplies for hospitals. The testing rate is low. And now Sisi is offering only China's controversial Sinopharm vaccine.

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New data out from @BLS_gov  showing that union density rate ROSE from 10.3% to 10.8% from 2019-2020 - consistent with the recent rise in the UK. Now union workers have higher levels of job satisfaction than non members as @AlexanderBryson  and I have shown

New data: The share of workers belonging to a union ticked up to 10.8% in 2020, up from 10.3% in 2019, per BLS. But BIG caveat: that’s likely due to the fact that so many non-union workers lost their jobs due to COVID. So did union workers of course, but at a lower rate.

In 2020, the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of unions--the union membership rate--was 10.8%, up by 0.5 percentage point from 2019, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Check@ceprdc  later today for analysis. #Union  #BLSdata 

#Cuba ’ #Communist  economy is in a state of collapse. Of the 7 mil. working-age Cubans, 2.7 mil ar #Unemployed  . That’s a stunning 39% unemployment rate. What a workers paradise!

The unemployment rate for BAME workers hit 8.5% in the third quarter, compared with 4.5% for white workers.

- Black registered counsellors/social workers are 3 times more likely to be identified as FWA cases. More than 50 percent of Black registered counsellors have been identified as FWA cases – this is the highest rate among the disciplines analysed

@IanEsguerra  PH Red Cross Molecular Laboratories Head Dr. Paulyn Ubial: Positivity rate in the group of health workers tested is already very low. When you test a group of people regularly, the positivity rate goes down. #ANCMattersOfFact 

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School Board President Eric Vanden Heuvel said the current infection rate could leave the district without enough teachers, food-services workers, bus drivers and other staff to run schools safely.


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Looks like a third rate Grandstander named @RepThomasMassie , a Congressman from, unfortunately, a truly GREAT State, Kentucky, wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress. He just wants the publicity. He can’t stop it, only delay, which is both dangerous......

Speedy robots. Constant surveillance. Ruthless quotas. A new @reveal  investigation into why the injury rate for Amazon’s warehouse workers is sky-high:

The recent jobs report is proof that under @realDonaldTrump  & Republicans’ leadership the American people are seeing real results: more jobs & higher wages. ✅ Lowest unemployment rate of 3.5% since 1969 ✅ Average wage growth for workers now outpaces wage growth for managers

There's no statutory sick pay for part-time, low-paid or zero-hours contract workers. And the rate of sick pay isn't enough to live on. Wrong at any time - but dangerous while people who might be ill are asked to stay home. The system is broken and now is the time to fix it.

I'm joining Amazon workers to demand: ✅Paid sick leave for ALL ✅1.5x hazard pay ✅Childcare pay and subsidies ✅Stop enforcement of rate-based quotas ✅Closing of workplaces where employees test positive for coronavirus Add your name if you agree:

Tomorrow marks 3 yrs since @realDonaldTrump 's inauguration. At his inaugural address, POTUS promised that American workers would be left behind no more. Since his election, 7.3 MILLION jobs have been created & our unemployment rate is 3.5%—a 50-yr LOW. #PromisesMadePromisesKept 

2018 is being called “THE YEAR OF THE WORKER” by Steve Moore, co-author of “Trumponomics.” It was indeed a great year for the American Worker with the “best job market in 50 years, and the lowest unemployment rate ever for blacks and Hispanics and all workers. Big wage gains.”

If you don't think our tax system is rigged in favor of the wealthy, remember that the Waltons (worth over $200 billion) pay a lower tax rate than entry-level workers at Walmart.

-Unemployment rate at lowest point since 1969 -Record low African American/Hispanic/Asian unemployment -Lowest unemployment rate for women since 1953 -Quickest wage growth for workers in 10 years But Dems want to bring us back to the Obama-Biden years??? Not gonna happen!!!

Unemployment rate at 3.7% = lowest unemployment rate since 1969 Pro-growth policies like tax cuts & deregulation help keep workers in high demand + puts more $$ in the pocket of workers 2.8% wage growth last month Economy under Pres Trump is thriving