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Seeing snow for the first time at 62: Temperatures dropped across Brazil with rare snowfall overnight in some places, as people took the opportunity to take pictures and play in the snow

With all enterprises estimated to connect to cloud services by 2025, #Huawei  is enhancing the synergy between cloud, AI & connectivity to provide public cloud services & hybrid cloud solutions that deliver added value on many new levels. #HuaweiFactsFacts 

Two young women from Ballymena have spoken of their unlikely friendship after being diagnosed with the same rare cancer

H-1B visa: US to conduct rare 2nd lottery for applicants, to benefit Indian IT professionals

26 pianos, including a rare 18th century square piano and a 1925 piece with a folding keyboard purchased by a WWI “flying ace,” will hit the auction block in September

“It’s doing well recently because it has done so badly. There’s no one left to sell it.” Turkish lira a rare bright spot for emerging market currencies in July via @FinancialTimes 

Confronting one of the worst per capita COVID-19 outbreaks in the world, the south-east Asian nation is flooding its worst-hit region with extra vaccine doses in a targeted surge that has rare support from across rival party lines | @ChrisBarrett_ 

The United States’ immigration agency has decided to conduct a rare second lottery for #H1B  visas to decide on the successful applicants who could not make it in the first random selection.

presents Rare book by George Arliss with two-page letter to Andreas E. Burkhardt who was a collector of rare books. This book bound in leather is deluxe, paper is the finest 1st Edition 1927 my collection *wolfjon4

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#TheBigPicture | @Route_Mobile  is always looking for better ways for enterprises to engage with their customers, says Group CEO Rajdipkumar Gupta. Watch to know how they are stepping up their game @RouteSms  #TheMarket  #RouteMobile  @nikunjdalmia 


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To be clear, I do support vaccines in general & covid vaccines specifically. The science is unequivocal. In very rare cases, there is an allergic reaction, but this is easily addressed with an EpiPen.

Whale watchers squeal with delight as three surfacing humpbacks leap out of the water almost simultaneously right next to their boat in rare triple breach.

Female abduction / murder is extremely rare. Yes we should all be vigilant when out alone. But this level of fear-mongering isn’t healthy. And men’s mental health is an issue as well. Calling all men out as dangerous is bad for our sons, brothers, partners.

We're in one of those rare periods when Democrats control the presidency, House, and Senate. So there's no reason to compromise on a $15 minimum wage, or $1400 survival checks, or abolishing the filibuster. Why are we negotiating with ourselves?

In her extraordinary career, Cicely Tyson was one of the rare award-winning actors whose work on the screen was surpassed only by what she was able to accomplish off of it. She had a heart unlike any other—and for 96 years, she left a mark on the world that few will ever match.

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Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-close and in-person

It requires moral courage to stand up to this President. There's no doubt that he is vindictive — his threatening tweet about me today is proof positive. But we all have an obligation to do the right thing. Moral courage is rare. But it is never more essential than now.

A man who said he never drank alcohol but often appeared drunk actually had a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome, in which his gut began producing alcohol whenever he ate carbohydrates, a new case study says.

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A massive 200 Billion Dollar Sea Wall, built around New York to protect it from rare storms, is a costly, foolish & environmentally unfriendly idea that, when needed, probably won’t work anyway. It will also look terrible. Sorry, you’ll just have to get your mops & buckets ready!

Lt. Col. Vindman did his job. As a soldier in Iraq, he received a Purple Heart. Then he displayed another rare form of bravery — moral courage. He complied with a subpoena and told the truth. He upheld his oath when others would not. Right matters to him. And to us.