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When you think about snow, you probably imagine tall, Christmas-like trees covered in white. But when you live in Texas and see a rare snow event, the views are a little different #Austinsnow  #SnowDay  #AustinSnowDay 

Truly, it’s a rare talent to balance “Super Size Me” and “Citizenfour” like “Icarus” did. Now, it's followed up with another riveting doc, “The Dissident,” which opened on Christmas Day and hits Video on Demand on Friday.

Hunter Bradford, 15, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer the week of Christmas.

Friends lost their newborn son just before Christmas to a rare heart defect. Hong Kong's doctors did a heroic job trying to save Damian's life but sadly he didn't pull through. His parents are now raising money for the HK Children’s Heart Foundation.

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1) Urgent: the $2,000 stimulus check bill & veto override effort on the defense bill The House of Representatives meets today in a rare session between Christmas and New Year’s. Two things on the docket today.

Christmas festival continues at Limerick with rare six-race programme via @IrishTimesSport 

Francesca passed away on Christmas Eve after battling a rare and aggressive rhabdoid brain tumor.

House lawmakers return for rare post-Christmas voting session on $2000 stimulus checks and to override President Trump's Veto of Defense Authorization - from #FoxNews  #SpecialReport :

A rare bit of good news on the COVID-19 front is that confirmed and probable active cases declined during the Christmas break and following weekend (Dec. 24-Dec. 27).


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With intensive-care beds in Stockholm almost full, the prime minister implored citizens in a rare televised address to follow tough new restrictions to alleviate overstretched hospitals and save Christmas

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On Dec. 21, the date of the winter solstice, gas giants Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky and appear as a single ultra-bright light in a rare event known as the “Christmas Star.”

Queen Elizabeth II, in a rare televised speech, will urge Britons to confront the coronavirus with self-discipline and resolve. It is only the third time in her 66-year reign that she has made such an address, apart from her annual Christmas message.

Doppsee, a 12-year-old black rhino, gave conservationists an early gift on Christmas Eve: she delivered her first calf. It was a rare delivery in captivity for her critically endangered species.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating today. This rare 1950s holiday gem was uncovered in the #StanLeePapers  at the .

Full moon this Christmas is very rare. The last time was 1977, & the next time will be 2034:

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On Christmas, your belly won’t be the only thing that’s full. Rare full moon will be visible

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