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"When rapists are not held to account many will repeat their attacks knowing the weaknesses in the system" | @HWistrich 

Founded by serial child rapists and pederasty enablers.

VIDEO | The family says the alleged rapists are known to them and were handed over to police. But officials said they couldn't arrest them, pending DNA tests. #GBV  #Rape 

Labour, lawyers and luvvies block bid to deport rapists: Murderer and sex criminals among offenders spared from boarding flight to Jamaica

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In "Priya's Mask", a popular Indian comic superhero who usually fights rapists and traffickers deploys her powers against a new enemy: the coronavirus

Fuming Priti Patel lists horrendous crimes of murderers and rapists who are STILL in Britain

Priti Patel rages at 'lefty lawyers' after murderers and rapists are allowed to STAY in the UK

More than 35 murderers, rapists and other criminals remain in UK after legal challenges stop them from being deported

O'Keefe is a washed-up failure, like the rest of the far-right dipshits, has-beens, never-were, gadflies, diddlers, and rapists who are so thirsty for attention that they'll push eugenics and cheer on genocides to do it. Fuck him and fuck the rest of them too. Fucking losers.


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Why are Joe Biden Democrats working in California to pander to the wishes of pedophiles and child rapists? New California bill would lower penalties for adults who have sexual relations with a minor

In 2016, ABC killed a story about a pedophilia ring. 3 years later the story became public. How many children were raped in those years? How many child rapists got away? Why kill the story? Because Bill Clinton was implicated & Hillary was running for President. Fuck you ABC

“Defunding Police would be good for Robbers & Rapists.” @SenBillCassidy 

Step One: Hype an invented threat of an invasion of terrorists, murderers, and rapists. Step Two: Send troops to border to address the imaginary threat. Step Three: Justify the WALL as necessary to protect troops sent to meet the nonexistent threat. Step Four: Executive Time!

They’re releasing rapists and pedophiles because of coronavirus while arresting moms who take their kids to the playground.

Beto O’Rourke on his way to his car was asked if there’s anything Trump can do now to make this better. “What do you think? You know the shit he’s been saying. He’s been calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know, like, members of the press, what the fuck?”

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I don’t have a vendetta against all of Hollywood. Hollywood has afforded me to have a great life. I have a vendetta against the liberal media that refuses to expose, indict and imprison the criminals, pedophiles, con artists, molesters and rapists that are in charge of Hollywood.

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Taking on the Obama-Clinton gang is a health hazard. When I was in federal confinement for eight months, I was more afraid of something like this—drugs “found” in my locker, an “apparent” suicide—than I was of the murderers, rapists & gang members who were my fellow inmates

You say there are good people on both sides of a neo-Nazi rally. Suggest that immigrants are all murders, rapists and gang members. Praise a politician who assaulted a reporter. And it’s CNN’s fault someone sent them a bomb? We know you have no decency, but have you no shame?

Trump calls them rapists and murderers. Sessions calls them aliens. It's all meant to justify violent, racist policies that destroy families