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“Though Rasmussen Reports came under rapid-fire attack, you typically will not see such criticism of other polls that are actually wildly wrong. When their results support The Narrative, even when they are incorrect, they are widely defended.” Great book

"Ultimately, Brexit is a bet that, outside the EU, Britain can better regulate its economy to become more competitive." @TomMcTague  explains why Britain's rapid-fire vaccine approval is both about, and not about, Brexit

"Far from being a moment of national unity, the announcement of Britain’s rapid-fire vaccine authorization quickly morphed into another front in the never-ending war over Brexit." — @TomMcTague  in @TheAtlantic 

A rapid-fire tongue? 🔥 A new #NSFfunded  research shows the earliest evidence of a rapid-fire tongue found in a bizarre amphibian known as an albanerpetontid, or "albie" for short. Check it out: 🎥 : / @DrScanley  @FloridaMuseum 

Scott Patterson says that he and Lauren Graham had to “quickly” quit smoking when they started filming "Gilmore Girls" to keep up with the demands of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s rapid-fire dialogue

Here's a look back to May 2020 with @EstelleJohnson  doing rapid-fire questions with her roommate @DIdeeds ! #SBFC  fam, did you learn anything new?

Attacks on $100,000 silobags full of freshly harvested soybeans in Argentina have come in rapid-fire succession in recent months

Had a ton of fun talking to Tony Fauci at the #STATSummit . Fauci interviews are typically: he calls, he answers 3-4 questions rapid-fire, he's gone. Today, he answered lots, including did he ever think of quitting because of Covid? "It's not in my DNA."

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A month after Las Vegas, there has not been a single hearing, vote or regulatory change on rapid-fire bump stocks

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Remix or original? We're back with #Ryujin , #Chaeryeong , and #Yuna  of @ITZYofficial  for the final part of our rapid-fire Q&A! Check out the answer to this and more below 🎵 #ITZY 

Unicorns or mermaids? We caught @ITZYofficial  backstage before the last stop of #ITZYinUSA  for rapid-fire questions! Check out #Yeji  and #Lia 's answers below and stay tuned for even more from the maknae line right here on Friday 🦄

Ahead of a surprise performance, @OfficialMonstaX  let Vogue go behind the scenes of their show (and to ask some rapid-fire questions). Watch what happened:

Some upbeat notes to end Saturday with. Veenasrivani, you left me breathless & wondering how your fingers survived that rapid-fire performance...

Here's your chance to win a K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE! Join our Discord and enter! Full Instructions here:

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Keeping it serious, @Harry_Styles  takes on a rapid-fire Q&A challenge. #TheGNShow 

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Earlier today, the Twitter account for Badlands National Park went rogue, tweeting scientific facts rapid-fire.

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Accepting a cup of tea when you're in a hurry, resulting in hundreds of tiny, excruciatingly painful, rapid-fire sips