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Rana Foroohar and Mark Blyth on Democrats Trying to Please Too Many Money Masters at Once

Amongst mine and Rana Foroohar's favourite economists: Richard Kozul-Wright and Jeronim Capaldo: Beyond the Wasteland

Its good to see the Financial Times confronting Silicon Valley. Rana Foroohar on Big Platforms' blatant corruption of the democratic process and labour rights.

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Rana Foroohar: Corporate America’s deal with the Devil. Donald Trump wasn’t the cause but the symptom of a pendulum that had swung too far towards corporate concentration, and corruption in both politics and business

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Rana Foroohar on the same theme in @FT  explaining US voter discontent: "rural counties where some 77m people live have had “flat or falling employment growth”, even following the recovery from the last financial crisis. "

Rana Foroohar: Today there is really no Republican party without Trump. He has become the party. Should he lose, where will the people who support him go? But should he be defeated, Trump may continue to try to lead them in some way

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Rana Foroohar: Remember the scene from ‘The Godfather’ when the big five mob families divide up the pie? The relationship among the Big Tech giants has always reminded me of that

Rana Foroohar: Joe Biden needs an economic team that will support workers. The fortunes of the US, its companies and its workers were far more interlinked when the largest listed firms operated in the industrial and manufacturing sector than in services

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Rana Foroohar: Three of the most visible problems caused by Covid-19 have been food insecurity, the demise of small businesses and asset market volatility. All three might be poised to get worse

Rana Foroohar: Young people calling the coronavirus a 'boomer remover' may reflect the general lack of empathy in society these days, but it may also mirror the free floating political anger that the current generation have for their elders

Rana Foroohar: Bubbles are bursting everywhere and America’s most prestigious export — higher education — won’t be immune

Rana Foroohar: Decoupling will speed up as Beijing’s opacity in handling the coronavirus epidemic reveals the risks of doing business in China.

“In an era in which the algorithms know more about you than you might about yourself… do we even have free will?" FT columnist and author Rana Foroohar explains the case against big tech, in the latest Ways to Change the World podcast.

Facebook insists it does not want to be responsible for false political advertising. Rana Foroohar helps fact check disinformation in Mark Zuckerberg’s own communications

Rana Foroohar: Economically, the future is female. As women gain power, the evidence suggests that public policy and markets will shift in important ways.

Watch: Artificial intelligence is set to disrupt companies' traditional models. Our columnist Rana Foroohar says the challenges that AI and robotics pose to business has been a topic of discussion at this year's Davos event #Davos18 

As the stock market drops, CNN's Rana Foroohar cautions: "Sit tight. Don't do anything for the next few weeks unless you really need your money right now."

US tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods go into effect on Friday, but the Trump administration’s end game is still unclear, says global economic analyst Rana Foroohar.