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Car rams gate at Camp Pendleton in attempt to gain unauthorized access

The rams'>Los Angeles Rams are looking to upgrade its staff after a disastrous season in which they failed to even make the playoffs just months after a Super Bowl win.

The Rams are 1-0 to start the 2023 season

AP source: The rams'>Los Angeles Rams are hiring former New York Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. by @gregbeacham 


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If SoFI, a student loan refinancing company, could give its CEO a 92% raise last year paying him a grand total of $103 million in compensation and spend $625 million to put its name on the LA Rams football stadium, you know what President Biden can do? Cancel all student debt.

Rams reaction to Patriots selection of Cole Strange at #29 . This is hysterical.

How does it happen that SoFI, a student loan re-financing company, could spend $625 million to put its name on the LA Rams football stadium when 45 million Americans are drowning in $1.8 trillion in student debt? Today would be a good day for the President to cancel student debt.

The harsh truth is, the Rams didn't deserve to be in this game, anyway. Brees would've done far more damage to the NE D than Goff was able to. I still have your back, Saints fans.

Eagles traded N. Foles to Rams for S. Bradford. Foles lost his job in St. Louis, C. Keenum takes over. Eagles draft C. Wentz and trade Bradford to Minn. Vikings sign Keenum, who replaces injured Bradford. Foles returns to Philly, replaces injured Wentz. Now, Foles vs. Keenum.

Rams HC Sean McVay literally remembers every play of his coaching career ?

The NFL owners of the following teams gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Trump: Redskins, Jaguars, Texans, Patriots, Jets and Rams. #ImWithKap 

Good luck to Jamie ward , you've been great for the Rams over the last few years! Terrible club to go to though !

The rams'>Los Angeles Rams have still not scored a point since Dec. 24, 1994.