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When The Wire contacted Ram Nagina, the municipal officer in charge of the COVID-19 death records in Lucknow’s cremation grounds, he refused to share any information. “I am busy and I don’t have the data right now,” Nagina said.

The decisions were taken at a high-level meeting presided over by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur to review the COVID-19 situation in the State. #coronavirus 

Delhi tonight. The loneliness of the COVID Cremation ground. And if you start tabulating those dying at hospitals en masse amid oxygen shortages ... 25 Jaipur Golden, 25 Ganga Ram.. 22 Nashik... anyone counting our dead ?

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We have 104 oxygen cylinders, used to transfer extremely ill COVID patients from COVID emergency to ICU & from Wards to ICU in case of emergency - happening very frequently. All 104 cylinders were sent 3 days back to 3 locations for emergency refill: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi

Amid severe oxygen shortage due to a surge in Covid-19 cases, Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) received four tons of oxygen on Monday morning, hospital sources said #Delhi  #CoronavirusIndia  #OxygenEmergency  #OxygenShortage 

Covid-19 | 5 tons of oxygen received at the hospital at 0415 hours today. Oxygen running in full pressure after a long time: Spokesperson, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi (ANI)

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COVID-19 crisis: Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital gets 5 MT of oxygen, highest in 3 days

Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, which is treating over 500 COVID-19 patients, with around 140 on high flow oxygen, on Saturday morning, has again urged an “urgent refill” of oxygen, saying it has only enough to last it another half an hour on low pressure.

25 Covid deaths at Ganga Ram, hospital doesn’t ‘ascribe them to O2 shortage’

Held meeting today to discuss ramping up COVID dedicated & ICU beds at govt's 4 hospitals – AIIMS, Lady Hardinge, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia & Safdarjung. These hospitals also been asked to make preparations to add more beds if pandemic surges further: Union Health Min DrHarsh Vardhan

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Forgotten in our anger over the confirmation of Barrett is Mitch adjourning the Senate immediately after. No Covid relief as hospitalizations surge upward. They have time to ram through a justice to overturn ACA and Roe v Wade but no time to look after a raging pandemic. VOTE

Senate Democrats are threatening to blow up the filibuster if they gain power and ram far-left policies through the Senate. But they just used the filibuster last week to block COVID relief. They used it this summer to kill @SenatorTimScott’s police reform bill. Total hypocrisy.

‘UK will defeat COVID-19 like Lord Ram & Sita defeated Ravana’: Boris Johnson’s Diwali message.

There is no excuse for Sen. McConnell’s failure on COVID-19 relief. He spent 6 months sitting on his hands while Americans suffered. Then he used the last weeks before the election to ram through his SCOTUS nominee, ignoring health, economic, housing & hunger needs of Americans.

McConnell called off the Senate next week because of Covid. But Lindsey tasked with continuing to ram through extreme SCOTUS nominee on Monday. Now the Rs on committee refusing to test for the virus. What does that tell you about their desire to protect others? To protect you?

Holding hearings on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court while multiple members of the Judiciary Committee test positive for Covid -- quarantining less than the time they should to ram through this nomination-- makes this process even more of a joke.

Your morning reminder that Mitch McConnell refused to take up any legislation to help states respond to COVID the whole month of June because he wanted to ram through as many conservative judges as possible. Then he sent the Senate on a two week recess.

Dr Subramanian Swamy likely to be LIVE on Republic TV at sharp 10 am on reaction to Sharad Pawar statement on why it necessary to have Ram Temple during Covid !

Ram is associated with the IT industry. On his return from overseas he felt feverish and sadly, he was COVID-19 positive. However, Ram followed the guidance of his doctors, stayed at home, protected himself and his family. Here is his story... #MannKiBaat