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The early-morning raid in a luxury mansion also turned up laptops, phones, an illicit firearm and thousands in cash.

This morning, tracked #silver  inventory at #APMEX  hit the LOWEST level recorded year-to-date. Note that inventory numbers could change, as they often do, but if there is indeed a silver raid planned for tomorrow, Oct. 1, it just might send this number much lower. #silversqueezesqueeze 

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Peter Breen, lawyer for pro-life activist Mark Houck, joins @ericbolling  to discuss Houck's arrest and the way agents conducted their raid of his home.

Members of Jewish sect escape detention in Mexico after police raid

"Release the KRACKEN! Show what the FBI took in the raid. This was not a movie. The Devil We Know

🚨MAJOR DRUG BUST🚨: Brazoria County Narcotics Task Force discovered 321 marijuana plants, 19 jars of liquid THC, and more in a Freeport home. Francisco Gararrda Garcia, 39, was arrested during the raid. FOR MORE DETAILS:

Officers carried out the drugs raid at Righead Industrial Estate in Bellshill

Jewish sect in Mexico escape from detention after police raid

Raid on home in St-Bruno-de-Montarville yields $468,000 in drugs, cash


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BREAKING: @dbongino  goes off on the FBI Raid on Donald Trump: “This is some Third World BULLSH*T”

Jim Jordan DROPS bombshell on FBI as 14 whistleblowers DROP what's REALLY going on in the FBI after MASSIVE political raid at Mar-a-Lago

After todays raid on Mar A Lago what do you think the left plans to use those 87,000 new IRS agents for?

The @FBI  raid on President Trump was approved by Director Wray, who also claimed that the illegal FISA warrants used to spy on Trump were constitutional. Today’s raid is outrageous and unjust, but predictable.

A former detective admitted to helping mislead a judge into authorizing the raid of Breonna Taylor’s apartment that led to her killing. She admitted to working with another officer to falsify a search warrant application and lying to cover up their act.

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One thing is very clear. Garland would not have authorized this raid, and no federal judge would have signed off on it, if there weren't significant evidence to warrant it.

Fox News talking about Hillary but make the footage the Trumpraid

A ballistics report from the police killing of #Breonna Taylor found no proof the bullet that hit an officer came from her boyfriend Kenneth Walker's gun, says @abcnews . Walker's shot was used to justify not charging police for killing Taylor during a no-knock raid as she slept.

⭕ LIVE footage of the moment an Israeli air raid bombed the offices of Al Jazeera and The Associated Press in Gaza City ⬇️ 🔴 LIVE updates:

The Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision, that the only way the Fake News Media could demean was by my use of the term “Mission Accomplished.” I knew they would seize on this but felt it is such a great Military term, it should be brought back. Use often!