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The varying antibodies and emergence of new variants are something to be addressed. Need for boosters will be after 6 months or 1 year not before that: Dr Mohan Gupte, Founder - Director ICMR Epidemiology & Member NTAGI, tells Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA. | #VaccineTruth 

Debate on #vaccine  immunity erupts. #Lancet  report sparks concern saying, ‘Vaccine cover declines 80% in 70 days". What's the real #VaccineTruth ? Rahul Shivshankar on Converse India.

The immune memory stays active after every vaccine. Studies confirm taking two doses of vaccine will give long-lasting immunity to host: Dr NK Mehra, Former Dean of AIIMS & Honorary Emeritus Scientist ICMR, tells Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA. | #VaccineTruth 

The disappearing antibodies post-vaccination is worrying but it does not reflect wholely on our immune system's fighting capacity. T-cells left behind would trigger immune energy: @ARangarajan1972 , Author, tells Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA. #VaccineTruth 

Taking two doses of vaccine will give long-lasting immunity to host. Our first aim should be to vaccinate 50% population with both doses: @ravboc , Advisor CSIR and Coordinator of CSIR Covid Strategy Group, tells Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA. | #VaccineTruth 

19 months after landmark Bill, #CAA  rules yet to be framed. 6-month extension, no finality. What's causing the #CAADelayDelay ? Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA.

The world is watching us. The BJP's national leadership has had an image hit: @_sabanaqvi , Journalist, tells Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA. | #CAADelay 

BJP has put on the slow track a legislation because they don't want to bring to this country a legislation which is a recipe of perennial social instability: @PavanK_Varma , Ex-MP Rajya Sabha, tells Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA. | #CAADelay 

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was administered his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine according to sources. #RahulGandhi  #CoronaVaccine  #vaccinated  Read More:

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#RahulNPRSelfGoal | #EXPOSED  : Listen in to Political Analyst @RiaRevealed 's SHOCKING responses on NPR when Rahul Shivshankar confronted her with FACTS & a few questions on INDIA UPFRONT.

"I hope that my 13-year-old son grows up to be just as amazing as they are." Rahul Dubey opened his home to nearly 70 strangers overnight and sheltered them during D.C.'s curfew. He says our country needs people like THEM. FULL INTERVIEW:

Rahul Gandhi tweets again. 1. Spelling of ‘surrender’ is wrong. 2. Opposition leaders should rise above petty politics. At least during this time of crisis. 3. Such tweets help China and weaken India’s position. World will laugh at us. We should stand united.

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Never seen this side of Rahul bhai ??

Rahul Gandhi repeatedly attacking Ambani and Adani. Some qs: * Which nation gains by hurting India’s big business? * Which company gets global 5G contracts if Jio weakens? * Which nation is losing business to India since Covid? * With which foreign party did Congress sign MoU?

The Indian Army is a strong army and can defeat China. Rahul Gandhi don’t indulge in politics in son fought in the army and will continue fighting in the army: Father of injured Indian soldier who fought in #GalwanValleyClash  (Amateur Video Source)

We bow to beloved Bapu on Gandhi Jayanti. There is much to learn from his life and noble thoughts. May Bapu’s ideals keep guiding us in creating a prosperous and compassionate India.

On his death anniversary, tributes to former PM Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

It's murder,Malappuram is famous for such incidents, it's India's most violent district.For instance, they throw poison on roads so that 300-400 birds & dogs die at one time: Maneka Gandhi,BJP MP&animal rights activist on elephant's death after being fed cracker-stuffed pineapple

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