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'Demeaning, irresponsible': Veterans slam Rahul Gandhi's remark 'undermining' role of armed forces at borders

'Demeaning, irresponsible': Veterans slam Rahul Gandhi's remark 'undermining' role of armed forces at borders Read:

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of 'leaking information' related to the airstrike by India on Pakistan's Balakot in 2019, to a 'journalist'.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, launched a scathing attack on PM Modi, accusing him of lacking courage to stand up to China over border row. Read More: #Chinese  #RahulGandhi  #PMModi 

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi, RSS. BJP hits back. #ITVideo  #Congress  #BJP  #RahulGandhi 

Not just the BJP, in-fact 20 of our bravest of braves led by Lt General Gurmeet Singh have slammed Rahul Gandhi & called his remarks 'ill-advised': @Shehzad_Ind  , Political Analyst.

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Will Rahul Gandhi's 'knickerwallahs' jibe make any impact in the Tamil Nadu elections? @narlak , Senior Journalist, shares his views. #5iveLive  with @ShivAroor 

Cong leader @VijayadharaniM  hits out at BJP for raising questions over Rahul Gandhi's Tamil Nadu visit. #5iveLive  with @ShivAroor 


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The Indian Army is a strong army and can defeat China. Rahul Gandhi don’t indulge in politics in son fought in the army and will continue fighting in the army: Father of injured Indian soldier who fought in #GalwanValleyClash  (Amateur Video Source)

#CongChinaFile | China donated to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Not just @OfficeOfRG-China  MoU in 2008, but details of donations to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation are out. Meanwhile, @BJP4Indiacalls  it proof of ‘quid pro quo’. Rahul Shivshankar & Navika Kumar with details.

Few have mastered the art of rambling on issues about which they don't have an iota of clue. Kudos to Rahul Gandhi!

Rahul Gandhi tweets again. 1. Spelling of ‘surrender’ is wrong. 2. Opposition leaders should rise above petty politics. At least during this time of crisis. 3. Such tweets help China and weaken India’s position. World will laugh at us. We should stand united.

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Goa CM Manohar Parrikar writes to rahul gandhi'>Congress President Rahul Gandhi, writes "I feel let down that you have used this visit for your petty political gains. In the 5 minutes you spent with me, neither did you mention anything about Rafale, now did we discuss anything related to it.'

Rahul Gandhi's baseless allegations are not only difficult to comprehend, but also hard to translate. Watch this gold mine of a video to find out.

Pappu caught in his own web. Most people are aware that the Home Ministry has sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi regarding his citizenship. Why did the Ministry seek this clarification and what is the thought process behind sending the notice?

Rahul Gandhi has insulted India’s intelligence and hard work by mocking “Make in India”. He insulted the hardworking engineers of Railways who have put in backbreaking effort to build India’s first indigenous semi-high speed train, the Vande Bharat Express#SuccessOfMakeInIndia 

Buddhu has also filed income tax returns innUK during 2004-2006 as a British Citizen as Rahul Gandhi while MP in India!!!!!’

Stop jumping with joy every time a crime happens, Mr Rahul Gandhi. The state has already assured strict & prompt action. You divide the society in every manner possible for electoral gains & then shed crocodile tears. Enough is Enough. You are a MERCHANT OF HATE.