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Ethiopia: 6 months into the fighting in Tigray, almost 5,000 children have been separated from their parents. Rahel is one of them:

Rahel is one of almost 5,000 children who have been separated from their parents during the conflict in #Tigray . We're gravely concerned for the mental and physical wellbeing of these kids, many of whom have witnessed things no child should ever see. ?

The United States will provide COVID-19 vaccines for 31,000 Peshmerga soldiers of Kurdistan Region, said rahel'>Deputy Health Minister Rahel Faraidoon. #Kurdistan  | #KRG  | #Peshmerga  | #US  | #COVID19  | #TwitterKurds 

We are thrilled to announce that Rahel has been selected as the 2021 recipient of the Henry Gleim Award, to be presented at the 2021 Maryland Crime Victims' Rights Conference! It is an honor to work with you Rahel. #ASaferMD  #MDCrimeVictimsRights  #jcada 

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“Dunn allegedly refused to approve a contract extension for another Black anchor, Rahel Solomon, a Philadelphia native who served as KYW morning anchor for more than two years....Dunn raised “bizarre objections,” such as saying, “I hate her face.”

Himachal Pradesh: Rahel and Ruding villages of Lahaul and Spiti covered in white sheet of snow.

Join us on Wednesday 25 November for a virtual industry insight lecture with Rahel Ritchie, a graphic designer and Associate Director at creative agency, ForPeople. Join us on the day by clicking here ?

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rahel abraham'>Meet Rahel Abraham, a chemical and environmental engineer whose company @climaguard  will keep your car and belongings dry in a flood. With TS Laura and Marco in the Gulf, this is a good news story about lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey. @HoustonChron 

Rahel Varnhagen von Ense was among the most important purveyors of the German Romantic movement and of the Enlightenment, and an icon of the struggle for equal rights for women

Young people need personal interaction for their education, particulary at the elem level. Thanks Rahel and Ari for creating this free and easy-to-use tool. American innovation at its best.


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LOOK: Dircyree Villas Boas hugs her mother Dirce Villas Boas, 93, through a plastic curtain at the 3i Bem-Estar - Residencial Senior nursing home, amid #COVID19  outbreak, in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Rahel Patrasso, @Reuters 

Rami George's work shows what it's like to grow up in a cult. Their first institutional solo exhibition at @mitlistarts  has been postponed due to Covid-19, but you can watch their two videos on our website alongside a profile by Rahel Aima@cnqmdi )

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“We’ve known that 3rd has had issues for a very long time but now it’s just really scary,” said Seattle native Rahel Araya. “I did feel a little bit anxious coming down here.”

The global scope of “Theater of Operations: The Gulf Wars 1991–2011” at @MoMAPS1  complicates our sense of whose interpretations of the wars can be deemed the most legitimate and authoritative, writes Rahel Aima@cnqmdi ):