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Israeli RADA Radars Incorporated Into Counter-Drone System Selected by US Army

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Franklin County in KY until 2:00pm. Radars: #kywx 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jefferson and Oldham County in KY until 4:15pmEDT. Radars: #kywx 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Crawford, Orange, and Perry County in IN until 3:00pmEDT. Radars: #inwx 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Lawrence County in IN until 1:45pm. Radars: #inwx 

#ExpansionistChina – China and Pakistan collaborating militarily in PoJK. China made radars being installed in 20 PoJK locations. Pawan Sharma@pawanibn7 ) with more details. Watch#TheRightStand  with @AnchorAnandN .

14 new radars installed on Umm Al Quwain roads Aim is to bring down speeding violations by motorists

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Grayson County in KY until 7:15pm. Radars: #kywx 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Henry County in KY until 6:30pm. Radars: #kywx 


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Tremendous achievement by Namo Govt. It has thrown Pakistan electronic guidance of their jet fighter into blindness. Even Pak airforce jets flying over Pak territory can be shot down by blinded Pak radars. Congratulation to Namo’s l

Also, if you ask just about any Ukrainian soldier, they won’t say the Javelins approved by Trump are the most important aid the US has provided. (They’re stored away, not on the front line, but certainly a deterrent.) They’ll say it’s radars, night vision, medical equipment, etc.

"body armor, helmets, vehicles, night and thermal vision devices, heavy engineering equipment, advanced radios, patrol boats, rations, tents, counter-mortar radars, uniforms, and other related items."

Now Jaitley will write a blog explaining the atmospheric decomposition of air particles that accentuates chemical metabolism resulting in a diabolical cloudburst that can conceal large aircraft’s from being spotted by Tata Skyradars across the LoC. #EntireCloudCover 

Sources: At 3 AM today, Indianradars detected a large sized UAV & package of 4 Pakistani F-16s flying close to Indian border in Khemkaran sector in Punjab. India scrambled Su-30MKIs & Mirage jets in response after which the Pakistani jets retreated further into their territory.

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Indian air defence radars detected two Pakistani Air Force jets go supersonic 10KM from LoC (within their territory) in the Poonch sector, loud bangs heard last night in the area were due to sonic booms. All Indian air defences and radar systems are on high alert

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Rajasthan: At 11:30 am today a Sukhoi 30MKI shot down a Pakistani drone at the Bikaner Nal sector area of the border. Drone was detected by Indian Air Defenceradars

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BREAKING: Russian military Tu-154 aircraft disappears from radars after takeoff in Sochi – reports