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Here are conditions across #Kentuckiana  on our satellite and radar. Find more weather on my Facebook page at and #WHAS11  #FirstAlertStormTeam  #WakeUp11 

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#ActiveTrader: radar'>Under-the-radar industrial stock breaks out to new high as traders pile into its options.

If college is on your radar, financial aid should be on the screen. #CollegeCash 

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BREAKING: Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182 lost altitude quickly and disappeared from radar, minutes after departing Jakarta.

BREAKING Plane debris pulled from the sea after Boeing 737 vanishes from radar#SJ182 

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#PressRelease 】 Today,we updated the video of the incident occurred on Thursday, December 20, an ROK naval vessel directing its fire-control radar at an #MSDF  patrol aircraft. #JMOD  #JSDF 

“Bill Nelson is kind of an empty figure in Washington. You never hear his name, he’s never in debates on key issues - he is just under the radar.” Chris Wallace on In other words, Nelson is a “stiff.”

Dozens of foreign nationals with shady backgrounds have vanished from the FBI’sradar after the agency brought them to the U.S. to help with investigations. The nation’s premier intel-driven law enforcement agency can’t keep track of its own informants.

Chilling. With all the Comey news, this badass slipped under the radar. Not too late to listen.

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1. Trump spending significant resources on a highly manipulative online ad campaign designed to make it appear that he has support from key demographic groups And it's flying completely under the radar

This went under the radar last week, but we all need to speak out about it. The administration has moved to change decades-old rules so that they can hold migrant children in custody indefinitely. Right now, the detention limit for children is 20 days.

This guy had 42 guns and didn’t show up on any radar?! I do 1 google search for “Shawn Mendes” and ads for gay cruises follow me everywhere

An informed source at EGYPTAIR stated that Flight no MS804,which departed Paris at 23:09 (CEST),heading to Cairo has disappeared from radar.