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Twitter suspended the account of an RT America correspondent after posting an alleged US war crimes video. Rachel Blevins argues that this is not the real issue here, but the fact that those responsible for the content of the footage have still not been held to account.

RT America's Rachel Blevins@RachBlevins ) says her Twitter account was blocked after she retweeted 'Collateral Murder' video which was first released by WikiLeaks over a decade ago. Her account was restored after she removed the video

'WE ARE NOT PREPARED': Rachel Blevins, RT America, says Trump is desperately distracting from #coronavirus , because he knows the outbreak is really out of control. #MOATS  #COVID2019  US: @moastv  | | | | @RTUKnews  @RT_com  @SputnikInt  @RachBlevins 

THE #BERNIE  BET: Sanders WILL win against Trump if he's selected by the #democrats . Rachel Blevins from @RTAmericaNews  agrees on #MOATS . #USPolitics  SANDERS VICTORY?: | | | | @ggmoats  @RTUKnews  @RT_com  @SputnikInt  @RachBlevins 

IMPEACHMENT IMPATIENCE: When does the #TRUMP  trial begin? Rachel Blevins, from @RTAmericaNews  has the latest on #MOATS . It could be months away. TRUMP LATEST: | | | | @ggmoats  @RTUKnews  @RT_com  @SputnikInt  @RachBlevins 

TRUMP COULD ATTACK: Rachel Blevins, RT America Reporter, told #MOATS  the US could respond to smaller militia attacks claiming them to be Iran. It's not over. #Iranattack  #Solemani  SEE THIS CHAT: | | | @ggmoats  @RT_com  @SputnikInt  @RachBlevins 


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