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Japan has put on a diverse face for the Olympics. Some “hafu,” or mixed-race people, say that’s not reality.

China’s veteran sprinter #SuBingtian  qualified for the men’s 100 meters race final with a new Asian record of 9.83 seconds. Su is the only Asian athlete to feature in the #athletics  showpiece event at the #Olympics .

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Liz Clay produces a personal best in the biggest race of her life, clocking 12.71 in the semi-finals of the 100m hurdles. She narrowly misses out on a spot in the Olympic final. #TokyoTogether  #TokyoTogether  #Athletics  #ThisIsAthletics 

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Not 1, not 2, but 3 times a charm for @lizclay_  It took 3 starts to get the race going, but #Olympics  debutant Liz Clay has dropped a personal best 12.71 to place 3rd in her 100m hurdles semi-final. Clay can progress to final on time, we wait for the last semi-final to run.

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Why the U.S. and Europe trail China in central bank currency race

Hungarian Grand Prix live stream: How to watch #F1  race online and on TV today

Is the Hungarian #GrandPrix  TV on TV today? Start time, channel and how to watch F1 race

A volunteer marshal has died after being hit by a car during a race at the Brands Hatch circuit

Brit driver Jack Aitken taken to hospital after horror crash at Spa 24 Hour race


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Please stop for a moment and watch this, with the sound on. Share with others. An unflinching rebuttal to all those who are politicizing studies of race and injustice courtesy of Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

We now have far more votes than needed to flip Georgia in the Presidential race. Massive VOTER FRAUD took place. Thank you to the Georgia Legislature for today’s revealing meeting!


The best way to insure a @kloeffler  and @sendavidperdue  VICTORY is to allow signature checks in the Presidential race, which will insure a Georgia Presidential win (very few votes are needed, many will be found). Spirits will soar and everyone will rush out and VOTE! @BrianKempGA 

Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada. The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!

The Fake Pollsters at @ABC  @washingtonpost  produced a possibly illegal suppression Poll just before the Election showing me down 17 points in Wisconsin when, in fact, on Election Day, the race was even - & we are now preparing to win the state. Many such “deplorable” instances!

The polls look good. So what. That doesn't mean anything. This will be a very close race in state after state after state. In the next 3 days please do all you can to get everyone you know to vote. We can't have 4 more years of Trump.

Joe Biden is the candidate of rioters, looters, arsonists, gun-grabbers, flag-burners, Marxists, lobbyists, and special interests. I am the candidate of farmers, factory workers, police officers, and hard-working, law-abiding patriots of every race, religion and creed! #MAGA 

Are all white people bad? No. Are all black people good? No. Knowing this reality- I stand on my decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology. Given the number of threats against this decision- I also decide to die on this hill.

China is on a massive disinformation campaign because they are desperate to have Sleepy Joe Biden win the presidential race so they can continue to rip-off the United States, as they have done for decades, until I came along!