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Conspiracy theories are a real danger to civil society. It’s hard to bridge the divide on opinions if we can’t even agree on the facts. Be smart, be skeptical, and avoid falling into a rabbit hole of lies.

@SnarkySteff  This is worth celebrating! Have you heard the NYT podcast, 'Rabbit Hole' about how easily ppl are drawn into conspiracies and right wing rhetoric? It's scary and it has me questioning how much my internet usage influences my opinions. (luckily not RW / conspiracies)

Down the rabbit hole: How drugs and drug abuse are destroying thousands of lives in India -- See graphs.

Well, I was writing a column on major league baseball, but then I entered the rabbit hole that is and I haven't climbed back out yet -- let alone finished the column.

Stumbled down a rabbit hole of Randall Cunningham highlights... and two things come to mind... 1) What if he never got hurt in 1991? 2) A healthy Cunningham in a modern offense would have been insanely fun to watch. #QBEagles 

I fought podcasts for as long as I could, y'all, but I have now become obsessed with: 1. Song Exploder () because I watched that trailer and fell into the rabbit hole 2. Bunga Bunga, because Italy 3. Slow Burn, Season 1 - because Watergate. What's next?

Woke at 5am to write. Instead have been watching Emmy speeches I missed. Jeremy Strong's sent me down the rabbit hole + I spent 10 minutes on his bro's wedding website. They seem like a great couple (truly). Still need the hand steamer from their registry.

Welcome to you newest quarantine rabbit hole

Accidentally fell down a #DunkCity  rabbit hole just now working on something else. Wandered across page of live tweets from @FGCU_MBB  spanking of SDSU. Trust me and read it. It's almost as much fun as re-watching the game itself. @marchmadness 

The idea was to lead you down a rabbit hole of ever-more-specific versions of your interests, helping you discover niches you never knew existed. 3/


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YouTube may well be operating as a giant radicalizing engine through its recommendation algorithm—leading people down a rabbit hole of misinformation, hoaxes and incendiary content. My latest for the New York Times on one of the most overlooked issues.

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Just went down a rabbit hole of ROWYSO live videos and I came out on the other side a new man

The "liberal media" and Liberal Party is doing exactly what the Republicans want for us to go down the rabbit hole of Joe Biden sex monster. #BelieveWomen  should always have been #TakeAccusationsSeriously 

The internet has connected us in ways unimaginable. But the QAnon community — united in the belief that the world is run by a criminal elite — shows the dangers of that power. Listen to “Rabbit Hole” with @kevinroose . 

Certainly fell down a rabbit hole watching your beautifully original versions of #NeverReallyOver  on @YouTube  ? Keep making them and I will for sure keep clicking ?

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The latest video from is setting the internet and social media on fire. Loaded with visuals and filled with double meanings, "Euphoria" is an art-pop rabbit hole looking to the future by means of sometimes cryptic references to BTS' past. Watch:

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Bernie Sanders is no different from the rest of the would be socialist saviors of the world who have lead their nation down a rabbit hole to oblivion

Clear message from Fiona Hill that she will not be taken down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories today: “I refuse to be part of an effort to legitimize an alternate narrative that the Ukrainian government is a US adversary, and that Ukraine, no Russia, attacked us in 2016.”

1/ Short thread here. In light of the Admin's down-the-rabbit-hole strange misstatements about the location of the USS Carl Vinson...