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President Ghani at JCMB: Our negotiating team in Doha has repeatedly invited the Taliban team to discuss peace-making within the framework of the Quran and the Sharia. To them, however, their agreement with the US constitutes the only frame of reference.

One of the greatest living Uyghur poets, Tahir Hamut Izgil, describes how the Chinese government is trying to erase the Muslim religion and Uyghur culture from Xinjiang -- at the price of detaining some million people for as little as possessing a Quran.

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Govt makes Quran teaching compulsory in schools Read here #etribune  #latest 

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The Punjab government has made recitation and teaching of the quran'>Holy Quran compulsory from grade one to five in government and private schools and religious seminaries across the province. For more: #etribune  #news  #latest  #Punjab 

how Russia is still denying aid to Syrians in desperate circumstances: @nickschifrin  & quran'>Layla Quran report: "Just a mile from the border crossing, Syrians' families fate still rests on a vote from the same country that bombs them."

Many of the gender justice related matters in Quran will have to be incorporated in #UCC : @ARehman786786 , Islamic Scholar, tells Navika Kumar on @thenewshour . | #EkBharatEkKanoon 

Fact Check: Netizens trip over Ronaldo’s doppelganger reading Quran in viral video Here is the #AFWAFactCheck  of the viral video. @AFWACheck  ) @KunduChayan  )

Shia leader files review in #SupremeCourt  against dismissal of plea for removal of 26 verses from #Quran .

In nearby Mali Khel village, 28-year-old Safiullah is in tears as he recalled the moment an alleged airstrike destroyed a local mosque. “They [the Americans] have insulted our Quran, our mosque. It is like Mecca for us,” he added.

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A Kansas man who went on an anti-Muslim tirade at a mosque—rubbing ham on a copy of the Quran in a bizarre anti-terrorism protest—cut a no-jail deal with prosecutors and agreed to write apology letters


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Wasim Rizvi is getting a slew of fatwas and death threats for filing a Supreme Court petition to expunge 26 violent passages from Quran. His life is in actual danger. Have you seen the wolves in secular skin speak up for his human rights and safety?

Since we're doing old videos of Marjorie Taylor Greene harassing people, here's her from before she was elected, in Feb 2019, turning up in Congress to try & get @IlhanMN  & @RashidaTlaib  to retake their oaths on a Bible & not a Quran: (h/t @ehananoki )

quran'>Holy Quran absolutely forbids worshipping or praising any idol or God other than Allah: @ARangarajan1972 , Author tells Madhavdas G on INDIA UPFRONT. #IndiaVsHardliners 

Two cases have been registered against the Kerala govt for accepting consignments of Quran packets and 18,000 kg of dates imported by the UAE consulate officials through diplomatic channel: Customs Officials.

When it comes to blasphemy, even fundamentalists are spared. Even quoting verses from Quran can get you banned on Twitter: @ARangarajan1972 , Author, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. #BengaluruRiotPlot 

Anarchists in Portland burned boxes full of Bibles. There was not a single mention of it on any of the broadcast or cable TV news shows. And no newspaper in the nation covered it. Had they burned the Quran, the media would have been all over it.

Think about this for a second: just imagine what American politicians and the Preisdent would do and say if a leader of an Arab country, brandishing a Quran in hand stood in front of a mosque in the middle of nationwide protests vowing to use the military to quell demonstrations

The incredible story of Mujibur Rehman, I meet him in #Mustafabad . The mob burnt his house, looted his belongings, his life was saved by his Hindu neighbour, Sanjiv. He's read both the Vedas & the Quran & this is his message of peace. A moment of sunshine in despair. #DelhiRiots 

The world has been transfixed by the unrest in the U.S. A 92-year-old Italian says he sees the ghost of Mussolini in TV coverage. In Iraq, people are sharing photos that compare President Trump holding up a Bible with Saddam Hussein clutching a Quran.

After a mosque was set on fire in Delhi by Hindu mobs, this video surfaced on social media appearing to show Hindus and Muslims gathering burned pages, said to be from the Quran.