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Those who knew the man who police say rammed his car into a security barrier at the U.S. Capitol on Friday described him as quiet, athletic and non-violent but also told USA TODAY they were concerned about recent changes in his behavior.

In print today: US, Iran agree to nuclear deal talks; #Biden  to rebuild America’s creaking infrastructure; #GoodFriday  Christians pray for relief from virus; #CapitolAttack  One officer dead, Capitol locked down; India, Pak LOC quiet as ceasefire resumes

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I’m in the Capitol right now, and its eerily quiet/empty. House and Senate are both out of session.

In case you missed it: Here’s our story on the quiet role of facial recognition in the Capitol hunt. It involves a 20-year-old out on bail for attempted murder, a dad who overshares on Facebook, and a pair of Nike sneakers with a reverse swoosh:

Sometime after the attack on the Capitol begins at 12:53 p.m., Sicknick arrives here, at the embattled police line. The southern end of the line is quiet compared to the brawl happening around a hundred feet north, but the mob is swelling.

While some corporations have condemned the 147 Republicans and cut off contributions, mega-rich individual donors have largely stayed quiet since the Capitol riots

All quiet at the US Capitol despite 'possible plot' to breach building

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Quiet at the Capitol. No #Qanon  no protests but plenty of National Guard, guns, barriers, razor wire and fencing. It’s a shame this is our reality now. The fear of threats is real even if they are just threats

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QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy theory community, believed March 4 would be the day of reckoning. Law enforcement agencies, worried about a repeat of the Capitol riot, prepared for the worst. But Washington remained quiet.

How long will fencing remain up at the U.S. Capitol? Despite a quiet night so far after threats against the building today, the increased security could be the new normal for at least 2 more months. @FitzFox5DC  has the latest from Capitol Hill. WATCH:


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Amid a quiet Sunday ahead of the presidential inauguration, National Guard troops rest in the U.S. Capitol building.

Scene here at the Texas Capitol on the first day of the legislative session. With a couple hours until chambers gavel in, building is pretty empty/quiet except for heavy DPS presence (also outside). #txlege 

Reinforcements have arrived in the Capitol ahead of today’s impeachment vote and for inauguration week. All quiet for now. Photos by my colleague Mike Lillis/The Hill

Reality: Neither the House nor Senate is in session in a meaningful way. It’s dead quiet here in the Capitol. Not a single public news event on the schedule.

House Speaker Paul Ryan's quiet firing of House Chaplain Rev. Patrick J. Conroy has erupted into an acrimonious partisan fight on Capitol Hill.

Ah yes, the “please be nice to McCain but then I’ll keep quiet about literally everything else” caucus on Capitol Hill.

The scene outside the Capitol right now: a swelling crowd of chanting protesters. “No! No! No!” Inside, in the marble halls, it’s quiet hours ahead of the vote. A few senators strolling around, their aides peering out the windows, stone-faced, as the cries grow louder.

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.: It's "impossible to imagine a Democratic president doing this, and Republicans on Capitol Hill being as quiet as they are.” It's not partisan politics, it's whether or not you accept that a president is going to try to insert himself into an investigation