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#BREAKING: Queensland will shift its border zone, bringing in five New South Wales local government areas. #9News 

New death tax revealed for Queensland: Clive Palmer The Palaszczuk Government was discussing a new death tax to be imposed on Queenslanders if returned to power. #qldpol 

Queensland to reopen borders to five NSW local government areas as state records zero coronavirus cases

New South Wales Premier@GladysB  says it’s “appropriate” for the Queensland government to consider bringing down the whole border, not just parts.

The Federal Government will completely axe the JobKeeper program next year, after Queensland decided to throw open its borders to five NSW shires.

Senex Energy stock shot up 8 per cent to 30¢ on Monday after the Queensland government awarded the junior oil and gas explorer preferred tender status for natural gas acreage.

#BREAKING: Queensland will shift its border zone, bringing in five New South Wales local government areas. #9News 

Sky News host Peter Gleeson said how can a state like Queensland unite and recover “when the government simply wants to divide and conquer”.

Communications Minister@PaulFletcherMP  has written to the Queensland Government warning border closures will create issues in cyclone and bushfire seasons that delay telecommunications workers from fixing phone line damage. @aclennell .

Sky News host Paul Murray says the Queensland government on Friday made an announcement to distract from the lies they’ve been telling.


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QLD Deputy Premier Steven Miles has hit back at Peter Dutton's claim that the Queensland government allowed Tom Hanks into the state. Miles said that the home affairs minister was "lying" and that Dutton and Border Force control which non-residents can enter Australia. #auspol 

#BREAKING : The Queensland Government has withdrawn a plan that would have seen journalists jailed for publishing allegations of corrupt conduct about candidates in election periods.

A University of Queensland student is taking the Chinese Government’s most powerful representative in Queensland to court. #7NEWS 

Premier Palaszczuk has almost bankrupted Queensland, and now in the middle of a crisis they want to buy an airline. It is laughable. She “leads” a government which is corrupt and chaotic.

It amazes me that the proverbial "guy in central Queensland" who needs a coal job somehow matters more to Australia's government than all the people losing their jobs and livelihood because of climate change.

Indian miner Adani has been fined $20,000 after pleading guilty to giving the Queensland government false or misleading information about land clearing.

"I'm frustrated, I'm trying my hardest here, but we need a national effort to deal with this issue right now" Queensland Premier@AnnastaciaMP  slams the federal government's handling of the #coronavirus  outbreak.

Queensland’s economy heavily focused on coal mining (in global decline) agriculture (droughts) tourism esp Great Barrier Reef (in decline) tropical rainforests (burning) etc →Swedish Central Bank sold all its Queensland Government Bonds (climate risk)

Jan 2019 - Australia suffers yet more record high temperatures and extreme drought June 2019 - one of the world's biggest coalmines is given the go-ahead in Queensland Is no-one in the Australian government joining the dots? #climatecrisis 

Late last year, the Queensland Government passed legislation which enables crocodile farmers to take eggs directly from their nests in the wild -- so the Irwin family are petitioning for change. ? Sign the petition here →