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The winners from last week’s Play of the Week: @Hastynick50  - $NVAX +25.61% @chaisynyam  - $SHOP +19.70% Our runner-up picks both came from scheduled speakers: @TheRealNasa00  - $ROKU +17.28% @gurgavin  - $TQQQ +17.39% Join us tonight 8PM CT/9PM ET:

“Trump was the 45th president, not the first American king, but if we don’t deter conduct like this, the next head of state may come closer to claiming the kind of absolute power that is antithetical to everything the U.S. stands for,” @rickhasen  writes.

Legal clashes await U.S. companies covering workers' abortion costs

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What do I think is the most Israeli? Yair Lapid. What’s the most Israeli thing about Yair Lapid? That he has no idea what the occupation looks like | Opinion

#bitcoin at the resistance right now. If we manage to break this ($21.7K) I see us going towards $22.8K! Let’s freaking GO! 🚀🚀

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I’m not sure why Linda Greenhouse is giving credence to Roberts’ murmurings of dissent. In the end, he voted with Alito. No one forced him to do so.

On a bad streak with btc and eth but I’ve been sized down for months. Good to know when it’s time risk more or less so you protect capital in worse conditions.

Good faith: “Wait a minute. I don’t think I understand how you’re using the term ‘X.’ Can you explain what you mean by that?” Bad faith: “Wait a minute. That’s not what ‘X’ means. You’re moving the goalposts!”

Since I'm back: #btc  pumping ✅ shitcoins pumping ✅ sentiment strong ✅ communities forming ✅ Coincidence? I don't think so.

On Friday the United States Supreme Court stripped away the nation’s constitutional protections for abortion that had stood for nearly a half-century.


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Abortion is legal in California. It will remain that way. I just signed a bill that makes our state a safe haven for women across the nation. We will not cooperate with any states that attempt to prosecute women or doctors for receiving or providing reproductive care.

Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in

I love the Russian people. That is why I have to tell you the truth. Please watch and share.

Let’s make Twitter maximum fun!

I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means

Listen, I can’t do miracles ok

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What a journey… I had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago at this exact time the band was formed. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years and thanks to the boys for sharing this with me #10YearsOfOneDirection 

Kobe was a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act. To lose Gianna is even more heartbreaking to us as parents. Michelle and I send love and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Bryant family on an unthinkable day.