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"Mark’s wife — who did not know he was speaking to me for this story — is a social worker in her mid-forties and started exploring QAnon after getting sucked into the mass delusion of Pizzagate in 2016." @Scaachi 

This is a great article, but I'd argue that thanks to QAnon and Pizzagate, we've already been revisiting it for years.

The latest wild conspiracy theory from followers of QAnon claims that the 'Ever Given' cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal is being used by Hillary Clinton for child sex trafficking. This has pizzagate 2.0 written all over it. Follow us on Telegram

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How Pizzagate fueled QAnon conspiracy theories and the attack on the Capitol

Frazzledrip QAnon Pizzagate Executing Pelosi 'Islamic invasion' Rothschild laser beam And much, much more... I summarized almost everything crazy/offensive/bigoted that GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has said or done in 60 seconds flat. Watch:

"Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a supporter of Pizzagate, of Frazzledrip, of QAnon, and has said she wants to take out 'the global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles.'" Me, in just 60 seconds flat, on the most bizarre and offensive member of Congress:

Moving off QAnon, Pizzagate, stolen elections? Looking for a new conspiracy theory, something healthier with room to grow in? This year "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" turns... 42.

The source of Qanon and Pizzagate and some of these other dominant conspiracy identities is Russia.

There's a great rule in life: everyone gets one conspiracy. Mine is the govt is covering up proof of alien life. Yours can be whatever you want. These people have dozens. Dominion. JFK. QAnon. Obamagate. Pizzagate. Seth Rich. Right down the list. They're all in.

QAnon. PizzaGate. Electoral manipulations. All without a shred of hard evidence. The Think Tank with @michaeljoneil  looks at the flood of conspiracy theories this week with @JerodMacEvoy .


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"This is what connects QAnon and Pizzagate to McMartin to the witch hunts of the Middle Ages to the dawn of major religions. The demons may take different forms, but the conspiracy is basically the same: *Our house is under attack.*"

BREAKING: From me and @oneunderscore__  YouTube bans QAnon, Pizzagate, and other conspiracy content that targets individuals.

4 years ago, WikiLeaks began releasing John Podesta’s hacked emails. That act—later concluded to be a Russian intel operation, done to distract from the Access Hollywood tape—spawned the Pizzagate conspiracy, which spawned QAnon. Congrats to everyone who helped push this along.

RNC night two. The president invites to his RNC speech a Charlottesville truther who is also a Pizzagate and Qanon promotor. An RNC speaker endorses a thread promoting the Protocols of Elders of Zion.

A) This morning, Don Jr. retweeted this tweet which contains a video of a Pizzagate/QaNON guy screaming at me at my show in Philadelphia over the weekend. I am sick and tired of talking about this, but I have no choice because every time they do this it impacts my life/career.

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Facebook and other social media outlets must be liable for the lies they publish and allow to thrive on their platforms. “The conspiracy group QAnon is also promoting PizzaGate in private Facebook groups and creating easy-to-share memes on it.”

Roseanne Barr keeps promoting QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory that makes Pizzagate look tame. What drew her to this fringe conspiracy?

Today, Trump retweeted: 1. A Pizzagate conspiracy theorist 2. A Qanon conspiracy theorist 3. A conspiracy theorist who believes the New Zealand massacre was a plot to limit gun rights He's elevating the most unhinged, deranged voices By tomorrow we'll forget it even happened

Gamergate is Comicsgate is Pizzagate is QAnon is toxic masculinity all the way down A horde of petulant manchildren lashing out at the world because recognizing their own inadequacies would be too painful.