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As @AlboMP ⁩ said on @QandA ⁩ Monday, but nonetheless interesting in @australian ⁩

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Alright, I was being a bully earlier today when I criticized some of the fans who wanted to vent. So I owe y’all some Q-and-A time. Fire away!

Is it time for a better crisis management plan to prevent our country from "being erased" by fire? #QandA 

All the best, Peter and Tony. Go well. #QandA 

Did any of our panel make a claim that needs fact-checking? Refer it to the experts using #FactCheck  #QandA 

gosh, there’s a lot of white men in suits taking too much oxygen #QandA 

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Can the ‘politically woke’ be successful in effecting real change through the use of social media? #QandA 

The cheapest form of new generation is renewables plus storage. Cheaper than new coal and far cheaper than nuclear. #qanda 

“If these kids are able to sustain this… then it will have an effect.” @KerryOBrien  on the climate strikes. #QandA 

How would a Shorten Government lead the Australian community towards being a decent and caring country? #QandA 

Is it possible that Australia could have a Muslim majority? @mehdirhasan  responds #QandA 

As you can imagine, I'm pretty disappointed about the inadvertent misspelling of the #AbbottLovesAnnabel  hashtag on @QandA