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Does Australia need a Royal Commission to investigate veteran suicides? #QandA 

How can Australia reach its emissions reduction targets and transition to net zero by 2050? #QandA 

The Australian people re-elected the coalition because of franking credits...not energy mix. #qanda 

Australia is the 3rd largest exporter of emissions in the world. #qanda 

Both parties have been torn apart by....the fossil fuel lobby. #qanda 

What will you ask Monday's #QandA  panel? Send your question for Monday's #QandA  now:

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Who decides the outcome of the US election if there is no clear winner by inauguration? #QandA 


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Meyne Wyatt closes #QandA  with a monologue from his play, City of Gold.

What do you believe, the spin from the Minister, or your eyes? #auspol  #qanda  #abccuts 

Can the ‘politically woke’ be successful in effecting real change through the use of social media? #QandA 

Just saying - I think Australia is lucky to have Sally McManus. Sensible, calm, smart and compassionate. @QandA 

Really helpful, clear Q-and-A with critical care doctor about what it means to be put on a ventilator -- how it works, how delicate a process it is, what potential patients and their families should think about:

The cheapest form of new generation is renewables plus storage. Cheaper than new coal and far cheaper than nuclear. #qanda 

Is it possible that Australia could have a Muslim majority? @mehdirhasan  responds #QandA 

As you can imagine, I'm pretty disappointed about the inadvertent misspelling of the #AbbottLovesAnnabel  hashtag on @QandA