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#LISTEN : Thomas McClure, of th #RojavaInformationCenter  in Qamishli, explains Turkey's use of water to pressure th #Kurds  of NE Syria. Read more here

Farhad Hamo, a freelance reporter for Kurdish broadcaster Rudaw, was abducted by Islamic State group between the northern Syrian cities of Qamishli & Al-Ya’rubiyah on Dec. 15, 2014.

MORE: Airstrike occurred south east of Qamishli after the checkpoint allegedly refused to allow the American patrol to pass.

Anti-US protests grip Hasakah, Qamishli in wake of attack on Syrian troops – photos, video

A skirmish between US-led coalition troops and Syrian pro-regime forces near the city of Qamishli left a Syrian soldier dead by @JM_Szuba 

#BREAKING | One Syrian officer killed, two injured in US airstrike south of Qamishli, reports say #SputnikBreaking 

A group of armed men affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) raided on Saturday the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP-S) in Qamishli, the Kurdistan National Council of Syria (ENKS) has revealed.

Clashes were reported on Sunday between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters and Turkey-backed Syrian Islamist rebels in Qamishli, a war monitor revealed.

A military base belonging to the Syrian Kurdish forces in Qamishli, northeastern province of Hasakah, came under a rocket attack on Monday, local sources confirmed.


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CCTV footage shows panicked ISIS prisoners & guards fleeing a prison outside Qamishli this afternoon after a mortar strike. The SDF says 5 ISIS prisoners got away

"What are the Turks trying to do? Well, I think there's an old fashioned phrase for it, it's called ethnic cleansing." Our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum reports from Qamishli in Northern Syria.

I am close to Armenian Catholics of Qamishli, in Syria, as they gather for the funeral of their parish priest, Father Hovsep Bedoyan, who was killed yesterday together with his father. I pray for them, their families, and for all Christians in Syria.

This is Qamishli city in North Syria after Turkish attacks. @akhbar 

You want to know what many Kurds in Northern Syria think of U.S. President Trump right now? Well, listen to Mr Suleiman who I met today in Syrian city of Qamishli, meters away from the spot where earlier a shell killed two people.

US troops bombarded with potatoes by angry civilians after pullout from Kurdish-majority city of Qamishli in north-east Syria [tap to expand]

1/ Blood on the streets of Qamishli, Northern Syria. This afternoon I visited spot in a civilian neighbourhood shortly after two people were killed in Turkish shelling. As I visited Qamishli, I heard more cracking explosions. We had to run for safety. Scary atmosphere. @akhbar 

Celebrations in Qamishli and Hasaka. People celebrating the "start of the deployment of the Syrian army to confront Turkish aggression ". @akhbar 

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1/ Shooting 10 minutes ago very near to us as we were driving through the city of Qamishli in northern #Syria . We filmed the incident on our phone. Unedited footage. This is what happened. We're safe now. @akhbar 

More than 40 people killed in reported IS double bombing of Kurd-run city of Qamishli in Syria - state TV