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In Russia, some fear that speaking out can carry an acutely high cost. While President Putin's most vocal critic Alexei Navalny inspired tens of thousands of people to protest, one city remains haunted by a massacre by Soviet forces at a 1962 demonstration

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Why the fate of the last Jews of Belarus lies in Putin's hands @milanczerny  & Boris Czerny | Opinion

Swimmer Emma McKeon of Australia leaves #Tokyo2020  with four golds and three bronze, tying the record for most medals won by a woman at a single games set by Soviet gymnast Maria Gorokhovskaya in 1952 in Helsinki.

Why the fate of the last Jews of Belarus lies in Putin's hands

Vladimir Putin, known for his macho sporting image, welcomed participants to Russia's first Ironman-series endurance triathlon

A shaman from Siberia who made plans to walk from his hometown to Moscow, in order to cast a spell and ‘banish’ President Putin, has been placed in a medical facility after concerns were raised over his mental health. MORE:

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Putin told NBC, "Well even now, I believe that former U.S. president Mr. Trump is an extraordinary individual, talented individual, Otherwise, he would not have become U.S. president." C'mon! Low requirements to become U.S president & you know this man!

Covid updates from #Finland : - New cases hit 4-month high, nearly 800 on Saturday - State issues €73m in event guarantees - Long waits for tests in Helsinki - 66% of population has 1st jab, 34% booster shots

A British judge Thursday delayed her ruling on a libel case brought against a journalist over claims made in her book about Vladimir Putin's inner circle.


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RT if you agree that 30 days of silence from Donald Trump about #BountyGate  is 30 days too long. If Putin really has put bounties on our troops, then they need to know that their Commander and Chief has their back. So far, his silence is deafening.

Just spoke to my friend MBS (Crown Prince) of Saudi Arabia, who spoke with President Putin of Russia, & I expect & hope that they will be cutting back approximately 10 Million Barrels, and maybe substantially more which, if it happens, will be GREAT for the oil & gas industry!

Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the billionaire widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow a known associate of Vladimir Putin. Where are our fearless “journalists” now that there’s a real Russia connection?

According to reporting including @MeetThePress  , Trump called Putin 6 times in 2 months - March 30th, April 9th, April 10th, April 12, May 7th, June 1 ! That would be a crazy number of calls to any foreign leader. But to Putin? What on earth were they discussing? So strange.

Nancy Pelosi said she got “set up” by the owner (a very good one) of a beauty parlor. If so, how will she do in negotiations against President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, or Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Not so well, I suspect, but far better than Joe Hiden’ would do!

John Bolton, one of the dumbest people I’ve met in government and sadly, I’ve met plenty, states often that I respected, and even trusted, Vladimir Putin of Russia more than those in our Intelligence Agencies. While of course that is not true, if the first people you met from....

Trump announces that he spoke to Putin today and no reporter asks what he said to Putin. No reporter asks what he said to Putin about intelligence reports that Putin is paying to kill American soldiers.

Russians are paying Islamic radicals to kill American troops in Afghanistan. Donald Trump has known about Putin targeting Americans for months and has refused to even condemn Russia diplomatically. What Republican senator will speak out against this shocking dereliction of duty?

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It took Trump less than 24 hours to condemn protestors as "thugs," but it has been over a week and he still hasn't condemned Vladimir Putin for putting a bounty on American troops. Funny how that works.

The big Oil Deal with OPEC Plus is done. This will save hundreds of thousands of energy jobs in the United States. I would like to thank and congratulate President Putin of Russia and King Salman of Saudi Arabia. I just spoke to them from the Oval Office. Great deal for all!