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While watching, "The Pharmacist, " Ep. 4, it was so striking how fines against Purdue Pharma almost were a joke to the company - they ramped up their opioid production & profits. This is very analogous to how the big-bank crime syndicates the Fed protects operate. #RICO 

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The conclusion from the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel comes more than a decade after Purdue Pharma revamped its blockbuster opioid, which has long been blamed for sparking a surge in painkiller abuse beginning in the 1990s.

Too many Rhode Islanders are battling opioid addiction because of Purdue Pharma’s greed & the DOJ’s failure to act. We need to know why. My @guardian  op-ed with @GovernorHassan  ⬇️

Families in West Virginia have been sent notices of babies born exposed to drugs and that they could be eligible for compensation as part of the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case.

Nearly 4,000 notices have been sent to West Virginia families of children born with neonatal abstinence syndrome who might be eligible to seek damages from Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy case.

And just like you can express your support for "ecology" by campaigning for the ozone layer while your comrade campaigns for owls, you can fight oligarchy by fighting against Apple, or Facebook, or Google, or Comcast, or Purdue Poultry...or Purdue Pharma. 43/

Facing thousands of lawsuits for its role in the opioid epidemic, OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma declared bankruptcy in 2019. For years prior to that, Purdue and its subsidiaries moved $10.8 billion. Where did it all go? Here's what we know...

"The federal government recently added its claim to the bankruptcy proceedings against Purdue Pharma, the company that manufactured the opioid OxyContin."


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Breaking News: The Sackler family withdrew $10 billion from Purdue Pharma as scrutiny of the company's role in the opioid epidemic intensified, a report shows.

People die from opioids in America at a rate of approximately 130 people per day. This epidemic was not generated by illegal drugs across the borders. It began with Purdue Pharma — their manufacturing — and marketing of Oxycontin. Right here in America. The Sackler family.

"The Sackler family is trying to shield billions in opioid profits through Purdue Pharma bankruptcy, states say"

Purdue Pharma filing bankruptcy protection in the quiet of the night is one of the biggest bunches of bullshit I’ve ever seen. Bad fu**ing people continuing to terrorize the country. Smh.

N.Y. AG: We found $1 billion in Sackler wire transfers, Purdue Pharma owners are 'lowballing' opioid victims

The corporate greed of the Sackler family killed thousands and ruined the lives of millions. It’s unacceptable that Purdue Pharma could escape full public accountability through corporate bankruptcy, and its executives who broke the law should go to prison.

"Purdue Pharma, facing thousands of lawsuits and bankruptcy, wants to pay ‘certain employees’ $34 million in bonuses"

BREAKING: OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma has filed for bankruptcy to wipe out 2,000+ lawsuits against the company and its billionaire owners, the Sacklers. Read more @business :

NEW: Before he represented Trump, Giuliani defended OxyContin. Now, senators are demanding information about Giuliani's history with opioid maker Purdue Pharma.

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