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Germany is set to ban the unvaccinated from restaurants, pubs, gyms and other public places

#LIVE Freedom Day! Aucklandpubs, restaurants open doors as NZ enters red, orange dawn

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Live: Freedom Day! Aucklandpubs open doors as NZ enters traffic light system

I’m proud to support our local pubs and really enjoyed meeting the fantastic team at the Blue Ball in #Sidford  and owners @punchpubs . I was recently elected as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Hospitality & Tourism and I’ll always stand up for jobs in #EastDevon 

The 12 Pubs of Christmas, here's a look at the uniquely Irish holiday tradition! #12pubs  #irishculture  #irishchristmas  #christmasinireland 

Germany is set to ban the unvaccinated from restaurants, pubs, gyms and other public places

Germany goes for vaccine passports — unvaccinated to be barred from restaurants, pubs, cinemas, gyms, Xmas markets, cultural events and non-essential shops. Backed by Chancellor Merkel and her incoming successor (next week) Olaf Schulz, who wants to make vaccination compulsory.

🍽️As it gears up for the most crucial few weeks of the year, the hospitality industry is mired in confusion over the latest Covid variant. @WilliamSitwell  asks, 'is omicron the death knell for our pubs and restaurants?' Thread 👇🧵

A property developer is bidding to build a 26-storey tower block right next to one of Manchester city centre's oldest and best-loved pubs

Wetherspoon under fire for 'disgusting' change to pubs across the UK


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Happy anniversary-exactly one year ago this week that @BorisJohnson  skipped his 4th COBRA COVID mtg, decided against shutting pubs, decided not to bother with an EU leaders' conference call, and started a two-week holiday. Oh, and today the exact anniversary of first Italy death

Reopening Britain's pubs on a sunny Saturday in July was dumb enough. Letting them open from 6am is stupefyingly stupid. Does anyone at No10 have a brain? Or do they just want us all to die? Serious questions.

No10 tweeted this earlier, then realised it was utter nonsense & contradicted all their new guidance re pubs, restaurants, hair salons etc- so deleted it. They're completely clueless.

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No air bridges, no app, the third highest death toll *in the world* & no end in sight... No wonder they've opened the pubs.

Do pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, theatres, cinemas close or not? Ridiculous of @BorisJohnson  to just 'suggest' it & not ban it. Not least because these businesses will be forced to close but can't claim on insurance if they're not ordered to. This must be clarified - urgently.

Another day with a death toll over 100. Nearly all of them in England. The 137 total higher than on the day we went into lockdown. Government and media have normalised big numbers of deaths and criminal incompetence. Never mind back into pubs. People should be up in arms 1/2

I just heard Tim Martin, owner of Wetherspoons, say on @SkyNews  there has been 'very little transmission of the virus in pubs.' HOW THE F*CK DOES HE KNOW? This is insane stupidity from a reckless selfish millionaire putting money before health. Don't go to Wetherspoons.

Good morning, Prime Minister@BorisJohnson  - I don't understand why planes are taking off from the UK today with passengers packed like sardines, but schools, restaurants, pubs etc have to maintain 2-metre distance, so many can't open. Can you explain?

If the Prime Minister won't say it, then I will: STOP going to pubs/bars/cafes/restaurants IMMEDIATELY or reveal yourself to be a reckless, selfish imbecile with no regard to the lives of our elderly & sick. This is not a game, this is a deadly war that's about to erupt.

Cafes, pubs and restaurants must close from tonight, except for take-away food, to tackle coronavirus, UK PM says