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London’s regional director of Public Health England said vaccines and surge testing are part of a “package of interventions” for managing life with coronavirus in future

NEWS: I am so pleased that this week @HMPStocken’s COVID-19 outbreak has been formally declared as over by Public Health England. The prison has now been clear of positive COVID-19 amongst its staff & prisoners for over 28 days. 1/2

"Even small numbers of variants can have the potential to spread relatively quickly" But Prof Kevin Fenton, London Regional Director for Public Health England, tells @JustinOnWeb  why people don't need to stay at home in surge testing areas #R4Today 

'If you think public health authorities in England are overbearing, spare a thought for the Czechs. Parents who fail to have children vaccinated face being fined or having their offspring excluded from nurseries.' ✍️ Andrew Tettenborn

COVID-19: Vaccines have prevented 10,400 deaths in older adults, Public Health England says

#COVID19 vaccines have prevented 10,400 deaths in people aged 60 and over, according to analysis by Public Health England

England's fast rollout of COVID-19 vaccines prevented over 10,000 deaths of people aged 60 and older by the end of March, according to an analysis by Public Health England.

#England ’s fast rollout o #COVID19vaccines  prevented over 10,000 deaths of people aged 60 and older by the end of March, according to an analysis by Public Health England

England’s fast rollout of COVID-19 vaccines prevented over 10 000 deaths of people aged 60 and older by the end of March, according to an analysis by Public Health England.

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Another terrible sadness today: the loss of Dr Paul Cosford, emeritus medical director at Public Health England. A distinguished & inspiring leader who led with his humanity and compassion. He also fought his cancer with great courage and dignity. RIP Paul from your many friends


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Head of Immunisations at Public Health EnglandDr Mary Ramsay says “We do not recommend mixing the COVID-19 vaccines" adding that "If your first dose is the Pfizer vaccine you should not be given the Astrazeneca vaccine for your second dose and vice versa"

Official figures show the UK has recorded a further 22,961 cases of COVID-19 after Public Health England announced it has identified 15,841 cases that were not included in previous cases between 25 September and 2 October due to a technical issue

EXCLUSIVE Sunday@Telegraph  splash Public Health England will be scrapped and replaced by a new body to protect country against a pandemic next month. Matt Hancock to merge Covid-19 work of PHE with NHS Test and Trace to create National Institute for Health Protection. 1/

Head teacher follows dept for education new rule after poss #Covid_19  school outbreak and rings DFE helpline, to ease pressure on Public Health England’s local teams. DFE talks to him and says he now needs to ring Public Health England, which he does. No one picks up. Genius

The leaked document attached to this @openDemocracy ⁩ story is extraordinary. It seems to imply Public Health England core #COVID19  test is much less reliable than commercial alternatives. Questions for @MattHancockMP ⁩

As UK belatedly heads down the test, trace, isolate South Korean road let us not forget that throughout March the official advice from Public Health England was that it was not an appropriate strategy for UK. Repeated ad nauseam.

This is an important story about how Public Health England knew in early March about how COVID-19 had spread like wildfire through a Nike conference in Edinburgh and yet UK government did not end mass gatherings for about a fortnight

The Home Office says people who continue to flout lockdown rules will be breaking the law and could be arrested by police under new public health regulations strengthening police enforcement powers in England

Exclusive: Public Health England document leaked to Channel 4 News shows frontline NHS health workers won’t be tested for #COVID ー19 even if they have symptoms. PHE say currently no policy position has been agreed - @vsmacdonald  reports.

@vsmacdonald  The leaked document also reveals that Public Health England expect: 1. Up to 80% of the UK population to be infected with COVID-19 in the next 12 month 2. Meaning up to to 7.9 million people may require hospitalisation