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BREAKING: The S&P just turned negative on news $PFE @pfizer  will only be able to ship half the original number of doses of its #covidvaccine  after finding raw materials needed did not meet its standards. Dow now up only 15 pts.

WHOA, The Dow just fumbled 200 pts of gains. There are some headlines I'm about to get you on the @pfizer  $PFE #CovidVaccine  that might have spooked the horses. Tune in now @ClamanCountdown 

what are the odds $MRNA moves more than 10 pts tomorrow because that's the straddle pricing

#NQ IMPRO: Dboy :(9:15:25 AM) : Im still long 1 nq from 12437 could have sold 84s a few times then the rip to 94 earlier IMPRO: Dboy :(10:02:53 AM) : ding, ding, ding; 10:00 buy program IMPRO: Dboy :(10:30:18 AM) : I got out at 12527.00 + 90 pts

Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19: Interim@WHO  Solidarity Trial Results [Dec 2, 2020] @NEJM  remdesivir, hydroxy #NCT04315948hl #COVID19ClinicalTrialsoroquine, lopinavir, & interferon had little or no effect on hospitalized Pts w/ #COVID19 

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#NQ #ES  IMPRO: Dboy :(10:03:32 AM) : nq 2 pts off contract high IMPRO: Dboy :(10:03:45 AM) : es 3 pts of all time high

Shedding of Viable #2019nCoV  after Immunosuppressive Therapy for Cancer [Dec 1, 2020] @TeresaAydillo  et al. @NEJM  Table S1. Pts s/ #COVID19nCancer  #CARTcellS #COVID19 #CCC19T #bmtsm #lymsmor  may shed viable #cartcellov-2 '>SARS- #CARTcelloV-2  for at least 2 months.

Shedding of Viable #2019nCoV  after Immunosuppressive Therapy for Cancer [Dec 1, 2020] @TeresaAydillo  et al. @NEJM  Figure S1 - 57 #COVID19nCanceram #CARTcell #COVID19l #CCC19 #bmtsms #lymsm from 20 Pts. At Dx 10/14 viral isolation in culture.

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Shedding of Viable #2019nCoV  after Immunosuppressive Therapy for Cancer [Dec 1, 2020] @TeresaAydillo  et al. @NEJM  n=20 Pts. 18 SCT or & #COVID19nCancer2  lymphoma #CARTcell  #COVID19  #CCC19  #bmtsm  #lymsm 

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A league of her own 👑 @sabrina_i20  becomes the 1st player in D-I history to reach 2K Pts, 1K Ast and 1K Reb ... and she did it on 2.24 💜💛

LeBron’s last two games: 👑 37/8/8 vs. Bucks 👑 28/7/9 vs. Clippers 👑 50% FG 👑 Held Giannis to 7 PTS on 2/8 FG 👑 More PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK than Giannis and Kawhi combined Year 17. (via @nbastats )

Kevin Durant’s 38 pts in the half of a playoff game are 3 more than steve nash’s 35 in 2005 vs Dallas. It’s not nearly as impressive though because there are more possessions in today’s game. And because Kevin Durant is taller and better at basketball.

UNREAL Zion went off for 22 PTS and went 4/4 from 3PT in 18 minutes in his NBA debut ?

Career-high 50 PTS | Game-winning block An emotional Derrick Rose talks over his memorable night for the ! #AllEyesNorth  #ThisIsWhyWePlay 

Kawhi is the first winner of the Kobe Bryant ASG MVP Award 🙏 30 PTS | 7 REBS | 4 ASTS

There is an international movement to discredit Namo as a dictator and BJP as fascists. PTs: Beware of that. We may dissatisfied but we need BJP rule for another 10 years to reverse the Nehruvian brainwashing. We can criticise party eco policy but UPA perfidy must be exposed.

PTs: Tell Jinnah wali Azadi morons that the only child of Jinnah, his daughter, rejected Pakistan and chose India and settled down in Mumbai & married a Parsi. Her son and grand sons also live in Mumbai as industrialists.

BREAKING: Klay Thompson sets NBA record for points in a quarter: - 37 Pts - 13-13 FG - 9-9 3-pt FG

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WHAT. A. FINISH! Kobe scores 60 Pts in his final NBA game.

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