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A new BBC series tells the story of the unlikely diplomat who brought to justice one of the Seventies most infamous psychopaths

His pathetic, dangerous behavior is predictable. "Psychopaths are frantic over the threat of losing status... I don’t think he will accept the results, even in the case of a clear-cut Biden victory." @DutytoInform  in September. #Trump  #FranticPsychopath 

If I wasn't afraid of the moral hazard of rewarding power-hungry hacks and psychopaths and if I didn't care about maintaining an unbroken record of regular and orderly transitions of power, I would say let's just do the election again next week. No way Trump wouldn't lose worse.

Male psychopaths are the world’s most violent, predatory individuals but there are other types of psychopaths who could even be your doctor or lawyer.

The WEF wants the same group of elite psychopaths who go to Davos every year to own everything.

These assholes had better be in jail right now. Don Jr told them to go out and cause trouble for this campaign tour bus. He’s responsible for inciting a riot. WHEN WILL LAW ENFORCEMENT TAKE THESE PSYCHOPATHS SERIOUSLY? How many more people need to be shot?

Trump is sounding increasingly unhinged at his mask-free #SuperSpreader  rallies. Exactly as @DutytoInform  predicted: "Psychopaths are frantic over the threat of losing status and would be remorseless in their attempts to prevent that from happening."

A Serial Liar is no different than a Serial Killer; both are psychopaths like the BTK Killer and Jeffery Dahmer. They are not human--no conscience, no morals, no remorse. Pure Evil. Listen to this confession of Dennis Rader. You should be scared.

Do yourself a favour and watch Jurassic Park again. Remember when you could have both action and a premise that wasn't written solely for tiny, oversugared psychopaths?

Check out my latest article: What Monks & Psychopaths Unexpectedly Share Plus the Value of Vulnerability via @LinkedIn 


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They can't give Trump one good day Fuckingpsychopaths

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Remember when Don Lemon defended Antifa? Remember when Chris Cuomo defended Antifa? They are running defense for violent psychopaths who beat up journalists

I have block chained over one million people, ONE MILLION people today and I am still flooded with sick psychopaths. So please, spare me the “just ignore them, they’re just trolls”

Donald Trump is the single most dangerous President this country has ever seen. Do not listen to him or Hannity or Rush or any of those fucking psychopaths who are ok with you dying. I’m sticking with CDC, WHO, CNN, PBS AND MSNBC.

Dude ISIS is bombing Muslim people in Muslim communities during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan how is ISIS Muslim no they're psychopaths

A bunch of psychopaths with delusions of grandeur started screaming about how they were fighting nazis. People in media started defending the delusions. I've seen elderly people attacked in the streets by Antifa. I saw them lob an M80 at an old woman who fell trying to escape.

"It's not conservation, it's psychopaths who like killing things", has his say on poaching. Read more about our campaign here:

The NRA argument boils down to a belief that massacres are part of the price of constitutional liberty. This implies that the Founders were all psychopaths.

NEWS FLASH: terrorists and psychopaths will always be able to secure weapons no matter what legislation is passed.

It's 2015. How the hell are we still trying to decide if we should allow posh psychopaths to torture wildlife if they like it? #Keeptheban