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I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on this week, let’s see who can guess this new project is! #ilovemyjob  #proudteacher 

Easy when I've the best teacher ? RT @pernicegiovann1 : Week 2 and @thewhitmore  is doing reaaaaally well!! ?? #proudteacher  #TeamLovanni 

Read to better understand my crazy business works, as evidenced by #proudteacher 

Why am I trading so small this year? read my $2k $ETFC acct is now $5k, my $10k $IBKR acct is now $42k #proudteacher 

My kids from truth dance me si proud today winning first places etc #proudTeacher  #streetDance 

MT @AlwaysSinging : Reassessing students for the new term. So far most have seen growth in their reading abilities. #proudteacher  #peacecorps 

It's a new day, a new week, are you ready to make it great!?! #proudteacher  #dailymotivation …


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Today is a great day! Tag someone who needs inspiration & who you would take here #proudteacher …