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East Coast news companies and West Coast tech companies are increasingly being put in the position of protecting the public from the American president's dangerous, democracy-eroding lies.

In yesterday's virtual dialogue with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the US expressed its commitment to protecting democracy and human rights around the world, and encouraged @mbachelet  to address human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "The Founders recognized that a free press is vital to a vibrant and strong democracy and that's why we need Supreme Court justices who understand the importance of protecting the right of journalists."

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "The Founders recognized that a free press is vital to a vibrant and strong democracy and that's why we need Supreme Court justices who understand the importance of protecting the right of journalists."

RS: News companies and technology companies increasingly put in position of protecting the public from the president's dangerous, democracy-eroding lies. Two main categories of Trump disinfo come to mind: Lies about the coronavirus and lies about the election. @realDonaldTrump 

Securing our elections is critical for protecting our democracy. Thank you to the teams at VoteShield, @HelloCTCL  & boards of election across the country for your work to protect our most basic democratic right.

Cut-out-and-keep guide to protecting Democracy. With lots of links. News you can use!

Newspapers play a critical role in protecting our democracy and keeping us informed. And with this pandemic, we need credible and reliable information more than ever - so this #NationalNewspaperWeek , we’re especially grateful for newspapers and the people behind them. Thank you.

Are America’s institutions up to protecting this democracy. I have doubts.” ~Bob Woodward

Today, I co-sponsored the Protecting Our Democracy Act (H.R. 8363) to stop presidents from abusing their office, their power to pardon. Also, it strengthens our system of checks and balances. We need to make sure that President Trump's abuse of office never happens again!

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The smooth functioning of the @USPS  during the COVID-19 pandemic is a matter of life-or-death, and is critical for protecting lives, livelihoods and the life of our democracy. Postmaster General DeJoy must reverse new policies which accelerate the crisis at the Postal Service.

Russia attacked our elections to make Donald Trump president of the United States. They—and others—will try it again. Hand-marked paper ballots and upgrades to our election infrastructure are vital to protecting our democracy.

Vote-by-mail is essential to protecting the future of our democracy as we confront this public health crisis. There is no legitimate argument against enacting it. #LSSC 

Why is @senatemajldr  McConnell using his power to turn the Senate into a legislative graveyard? ❌ Protecting Health Care ❌ The Violence Against Women Act ❌ Voting and Democracy Reform ❌ Securing Our Elections from Foreign Interference

If MLK was alive today, he'd be marching not only for civil rights & protecting voting rights, but to urge Members of Congress to accept their responsibility to save the U.S. from a dangerous man who has no respect for our Constitution & no concern for strengthening our democracy

An election that forces voters to choose between protecting their health and casting a ballot is not a free and fair election. Nor should its results be treated as indisputably legitimate. This is a tragic day for democracy. My piece: @Slate 

BJP and Arun Jaitley Ji had an unbreakable bond. As a fiery student leader, he was at forefront of protecting our democracy during the Emergency. He became a much liked face of our Party, who could articulate the Party programmes and ideology to a wide spectrum of society.

The baseless GOP attacks against are beneath the dignity of the House. They damage this institution & degrade our ability to serve as an INDEPENDENT check on the executive branch. , thank you for tirelessly protecting our democracy. #IStandWithSchiff 

Why won’t #MoscowMitch  let the Senate even take a vote on protecting American democracy from Russia’s ongoing attacks when Trump’s own FBI, CIA, DNI, DHS chiefs said Putin was trying to subvert our democracy? Even his GOP Intel Chairman said the same yesterday. Why ?

Let's be clear: Nationalism is not patriotism. Real patriotism involves strengthening our democracy, defending the ideals we share in common, and protecting the rights of all Americans. Nationalism is rooted in fear and division. We must reject it on November 6th.