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Dark-money, unlawful prorogation, cash for honours, voter suppression, weakening the electoral commission - Boris Johnson has presided over a rotten government. He should go.

"The Monsoon Session of the House concluded on 11th Aug & was prorogued by the President on 31st Aug. If the House had only been adjourned & then reconvened without any prorogation, the argument of continuity would merit any justification," Mallikarjun Kharge's letter reads (2/2)

@philipjcowley  As I just said on @BBCRadio4  it feels like one of the PM's regular spasms of parliamentary overreach [eg Prorogation, eg @DavidGauke  being cast into outer darkness], fuelled by a misguided sense of loyalty and panick circling the wagons.

"I think we knew it was an important case. We knew it was a case we couldn't dodge." Lady Hale, who delivered the judgment that ruled Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament unlawful, explains her thoughts before she gave the historical verdict.

Before there is talk about the NSW government being defeated while seats are vacant, there is past precedent that Premiers will be granted a prorogation of parliament if looming by-elections cause a temporary change in numbers that could defeat the government. #nswpol  #auspol 

@Objectivebroke1  Even more reason for a prorogation. More likely that parliament will sit and Labor will decline to bring on a vote of no confidence, which would be the grounds for a prorogation.

@dynawilly  Not on prorogation without a bloody good reason. You could argue that fixed term parliaments make the convention even more important.

@ashmathur  The most significant use of prorogation in recent years was when Malcolm Turnbull used it in 2016 to cancel a parliamentary break and force the parliament back into session to debate its double dissolution bills.

This day two years ago… Paliament resumes after Supreme Court's judgment that “the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful” This picture of @Anna_Soubry  giving her views.

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That means Bryant’s amendments re prorogation cannot be tabled – prorogation therefore remains a matter of prerogative under law


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Watch Lady Hale announce the UK Supreme Court verdict on Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament: "The prorogation was also void and of no effect. Parliament has not been prorogued. This is the unanimous judgement of all 11 justices."

. @eddiemair  invited all 7 cabinet ministers who recently said they oppose any prorogation of parliament to deliver Brexit onto his @LBC  show . . . and this happened

There have been protests against the prorogation of Parliament in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow, London, Leeds, York, Belfast and Bristol. Read more here:

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer says Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Cox needs to "consider his position" after his legal advice that the prorogation of parliament was legal was leaked to Sky NewsRead more here:

? The #DABill  has finally become law! After two general elections, the prorogation of parliament, and a global pandemic, the delivery of this law shows the determination and resilience of survivors and specialist domestic abuse organisations. ➡️ (1/5)

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Boris Johnson has the highest admiration for the Queen, and no one who followed the prorogation of parliament saga in 2019 could *possibly* doubt that.

Prorogation 'saved' Trudeau from WE Charity scandal: opposition MPs

Rex Murphy: The prorogation of the talented Mr. Poilievre