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With US states decriminalising the use even of hard drugs, and legalising the recreational use of cannabis, this could be the beginning of the end for drug prohibition. Is that a good thing?

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"Stronger action will be targeted at high-risk settings, & may include: Prohibition of indoor dining & service at restaurants & bars. Closure of gyms & fitness facilities. Severe restrictions on gathering sizes. " — @GovSisolak  #8NN  #COVID19 

If the situation worsens, Sisolak says it would be targeted at high-risk settings: prohibition of indoor dining, bars, closures of gyms and fitness facilities and "severe restrictions on gathering sizes."

Pub landlord who claimed chilli eating contest was exempt from lockdown rules is hit with prohibition notice

'There is little sign of consensus between the TPNW’s advocates and critics regarding the value of the treaty as a nuclear-disarmament tool.' Read more about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the latest #MilitaryBalance  analysis |

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The federal government maintains that denying Canadians with debilitating mental illnesses the right to medically assisted death is simply a matter of continuing a prohibition that already exists in the law.

@mattyglesias  This is an old old debate and Dem leadership ALWAYS takes the wrong side, no tax breaks, no stimulus. It's due to the party's prohibition on new thinking

As Minnesota’s COVID-19 cases continue to surge, Gov. Tim Walz has laid out new restrictions for the next 4 weeks, including a prohibition on social gatherings with people outside the same household. Here’s what else you need to know about the new rules

In opinion: "Just imagine if we outlawed or charged $440 for a case of beer; what would the people do? We already know the answer to that one; it was called prohibition, and it created nothing but people breaking the law!"


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Facebook SAID they would enforce their prohibition on misinformation about voting methods against Trump. Instead they are doing this. Which is actually worse than doing nothing, IMO.

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Winston Churchill gets a doctor’s note to drink “unlimited” alcohol in prohibitionAmerica (1932)

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With Legislative Council now under their control & the extension of the prohibition on gatherings until June 4th all signs indicate Communist Party of #China  plans on moving to quash democracy in #HongKong  during rubber stamp National People’s Congress which begins Friday

Now is the time to remove the ridiculous federal prohibition on marijuana. I'm proud to co-sponsor the Marijuana Justice Act.

In a development that could challenge the Constitution's prohibition of any law "respecting the establishment of religion," the federal government will soon provide money directly to U.S. churches to help them pay pastor salaries and utility bills.

The time is long overdue for us to remove the absurd federal prohibition on marijuana.

Keeping marijuana in the same category as heroin is absurd. The time is long overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana.

In my view, it is long past time that we in the United States end the federal prohibition on marijuana. Now is the time to decriminalize marijuana and expunge criminal records associated with the drug.

If only there was some kind of legal prohibition on the president accepting money from foreign interests...

It is Congress, not the president, which has the constitutional responsibility for making war. The international community must uphold the prohibition against the use of chemical weapons, but it is unclear how Trump's illegal and unauthorized strikes on Syria achieve that goal.