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"It's like being 3-0 up in game and thinking 'we can't possibly lose this now', but how many times have you seen the other side take it 4-3?" Professor Van-Tam warns people not to break the rules even if they have had the vaccine. Latest on #COVID19 :

Deputy Chief Medical Officer ProfessorJonathan Van-Tam has said "do not wreck this now, it is too early to relax" as he warned people not to start breaking the rules even if they have had the vaccine For more on this and other news visit

Listening to Professor van Tam on tonight's press conference reminding people that we are still in a national lockdown for all our safety. I know the weekend is due to be lovely, but the guidance is unchanged and picnicking on the beach is not allowed at present

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"This battle at the moment is not won." Professor Jonathan Van Tam says the seven-day rates of change for #COVID19  cases show that in some areas of the UK the rate has increased in the last week, despite lockdown measures. #Coronavirus :

Great ratings for @GMB  yesterday, up 20%, 94k viewers & 4 share pts on same day last year. Poor old @BBCBreakfast  down 15%, 275k viewers & 7 share pts. Thanks for watching & thanks to Professor Van-Tam whose brilliant interview was the highest-rated part of the show.

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England's deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has appeared on Sky News to answer some questions from the public on the #coronavirus  crisis

England's Deputy Chief Medical OfficerProfessor Jonathan Van-Tam explains how vaccine production works and why supply sometimes can be unpredictable. Click here to read more:


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'Is there any evidence that current vaccines are fully effective against all variants?' Professor Van Tam tells @piersmorgan  and @susannareid  that there is 'good evidence about the vaccines that have been deployed in the UK.' He says data shows the jabs are reducing infections.

It should concern everyone to hear Professor Van-Tam describe this moment in the coronavirus crisis as a ‘very dangerous situation’. Not seen him this serious or sombre before. I fear we’re in for a very rough few weeks. Good luck to our NHS heroes, again.

"Listen to the doctors, listen to the nurses, listen to Professor Van Tam." Health Secretary, Matt Hancock urges people to listen to the expert voices on the approved Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine ⤵️

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has reportedly admitted there is little evidence that the 10pm curfew works and said he would prefer a mandatory pub closing time of 6pm

BREAKING: Professor Van-Tam breaks ranks, shows balls & suggests Cummings tore the pants out of lockdown rules. "In my opinion, the rules are clear, and they have always been clear. In my opinion, they are for the benefit of all and they apply to all.'

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Someone ask Professor Van-Tam if he agrees with Jeremy Hunt that Cummings broke three lockdown rules? And if not, why not? Then ask Hancock how many PEOPLE have been tested over past 5 days given @DHSCgovuk  has stopped telling us?

When asked why arrivals to the UK aren't being screened for #coronavirus , Deputy Chief Medical OfficerProfessor Jonathan Van-Tam says there's a "basic problem" because it could take someone up to 12 hours to fly to the UK but the incubation period for this virus is up to 14 days

In 1709 the poet Alexander Pope wrote "a little learning is a dangerous thing." That applies in spades to some of the hacks at the daily Covid press conference, who set themselves up as medical experts (yes, you, @Peston , who had your a--e kicked on Tuesday by Professor Van Tam).