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At 08.05 we will be speaking to Sir John Bell, regius professor of Medicine at Oxford University and member of the UK's vaccine taskforce, about the UK and EU vaccine rollouts 🕗08.05 📺Channel 501 📲Watch live:

"The clotting problems with the vaccine are pretty trivial." Sir John Bell, Professor of Medicine at Oxford University says the risks of developing blood clots from #covid19  far outweigh those from any vaccine. FM #Breakfast 

Watch live: @skystephen  is joined by clinical virologist Julian Tang, Oxford Universityprofessor Sir John Bell and Labour MP Jess Phillips as a BMJ editorial suggests airborne transmission needs to be monitored more closely to slow the spread of #COVID19 

"This is a safe and effective vaccine, but nobody seems to care." ICYMI: EU attacks on AstraZeneca call into question its decision not to profit from its vaccine, according to Sir John Bell, the Oxford professor who helped mastermind the jab

EU attacks on AstraZeneca may prompt it to raise prices and abandon its decision not to profit from its vaccine, according to Sir John Bell, the Oxford professor who helped mastermind the jab. @hannaheboland  and @Lucymburton  have the full story here:

"It isn't clear there was a key moment at which the First Minister was undermined." Professor Sir John Curtice discusses if the pressure on Nicola Sturgeon after the #SalmondInquiry  may see her step down.

As testing and the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine are hailed as UK Covid-19 successes, why won’t @UniofOxford  or @GOVUK  disclose the financial interests of high profile researcher Professor Sir John Bell, who's at the centre of both? via @thackerpd  @bmj_latest 

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The need for financial transparency to ensure trust in science and medicine has long been recognised, including by Patrick Vallance, so why won't Oxford University and the government disclose the "long list " of Professor Sir John Bell's financial interests? @PeterKGeoghegan 

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"They have got quite a lot of sheep in New Zealand and they are a million miles from anywhere." Oxford University's Professor Sir John Bell tells MPs "it's a lot easier if you want to put up border controls in New Zealand than it is here".

The public will not accept having to comply with draconian Covid restrictions once they have been vaccinated, government adviser Professor Sir John Bell has said. @NickFerrariLBC  asks: do you agree?

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Sarah Montague: so do we now say with confidence that life should be returning to normal by Spring? Professor Sir John Bell: Yes, yes, yes. Important news from one of the Covid-19 vaccine trials. Hear the whole interview on the World at One. | @BBCSounds 

"I would be very surprised if we avoided a second wave." Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford, says the real question is not whether the UK will have a second coronavirus wave - but what form the second wave will take, and when it will appear.

There for the world to see. The Palace Letters between then GG Sir John Kerr & Her Majesty The Queen around the dismissal of PM Gough Whitlam in 1975 are now public. Viewable on the National Archives of Australia website. Congratulations Professor Jenny Hocking & grateful thanks.

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“Fingers crossed, tailwind behind us, we could have a vaccine approved by the middle of September.” Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, Sir John Bell, says a vaccine for Covid-19 could be rolled out in the UK by Christmas.

“It seems that the days when unionists could claim with confidence that Scots do not want another independence referendum any time soon may have come to an end,” said Professor Sir John Curtice of Strathclyde University.

Sir John Curtice, Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde on the popularity of a no-deal #Brexit . #5LiveBreakfast  #EuropeanElectionResults  #EUelectionresults 

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"What the voters have been saying is, 'a plague on both your houses'" Polling expert professor Sir John Curtice says early results suggest voters are abandoning both Labour and the Conservatives #LocalElections2019 

“Brexit’s not doing either the Conservatives or the Labour Party any good.” Professor Sir John Curtice tells #newsnight  that polling suggests both main parties are losing ground to smaller groups, adding: “Conservatives in particular seem to now be losing ground quite heavily"

"These elections just remind us how much #Brexit  matters" - Professor Sir John Curtice provides further #Election2018  analysis Follow the latest results:

"There isn't really much for the Labour party to celebrate this morning" - Professor Sir John Curtice#Election2018