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🚨 Ministers have been warned that they may be forced to close schools to older children if coronavirus cases continue to rise. 🦠 Professor Neil Ferguson, whose modelling led to the original lockdown in March, has said the NHS will soon be unable to cope

Ministers may be forced to close schools to older children if coronavirus cases continue to increase at the current rate, Professor Neil Ferguson has warned

Professor Neil Ferguson also warned the NHS would be unable to cope in a month's time if cases continue to increase at the present rate

Professor Neil Ferguson said closing bars may be needed to keep schools and universities open

So Professor Lockdown Neil Ferguson telling @BBCRadio4  he doesn’t even have an A level in biology and did his PhD in theoretical physics

UK is facing a ‘perfect storm’ as eased restrictions fuel virus growth, warns Professor Neil Ferguson

Professor Neil Ferguson – whose modelling led the Government to order the lockdown in March – said the UK is facing a “perfect storm” following the easing of controls over the summer.


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How did Professor Neil Ferguson get his bird flu, swine flu and BSE forecasts so wrong? asks Mr Steerpike

“Had we introduced lockdown measures a week earlier, we would have reduced the final death toll by at least a half.” Professor Neil Ferguson says, if the UK had entered lockdown earlier, we would have seen many fewer deaths.

BREAKING: Professor Neil Ferguson, one of the government's former key advisers, says if the UK entered lockdown a week earlier it could have reduced the total number of #COVID19  deaths "by at least half". More on this breaking story:

Do you stand by Dominic Cummings, Health Secretary@MattHancockMP ? You were very vocal about Professor Neil Ferguson 'doing the right thing' by resigning when he broke the lockdown. Is it one rule for Govt scientistic advisers & another for Govt chief political advisers?

Not only did @MattHancockMP  te @KayBurleyl @SkyNews that he was apparently left 'speechless' at the 'extraordinary' actions of Professor Neil Ferguson, when he broke the lockdown rules BUT ADDED: “I think he took the right decision to resign #dominiccummings "

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Questions are being raised over the validity of Professor Neil Ferguson's modelling which has led to the UK's draconian lockdown

John Sweeney told Tom Swarbrick that Professor Neil Ferguson's affair was revealed to hide the UK's awful coronavirus death stats and things got very, very heated. @TomSwarbrick1  | @johnsweeneyroar 

Sky News understands epidemiologist and adviser on the Government's Sage committee Professor Neil Ferguson has stepped back from his role after reports he broke lockdown rules

On January 22nd, Professor Neil Ferguson warned that coronavirus could be more infectious than Spanish flu, which killed tens of millions.

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With the numbers of people infected with #coronavirus  increasing, Professor Neil Ferguson - director of the @MRC_Outbreak  at @imperialcollege  tells #r4today  he feels we’re in the “early phases of a global pandemic” Read more: