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Looks like the statue of Professor Karol Sikora will have to be taken down.

"Everything is going in the right direction" Consultant Oncologist, Professor Karol Sikora says the governments easing of lockdown happened at the right time and the UK's controlling of #coronavirus  is "really encouraging". Latest:

'We have got to have an optimistic future.' On the topic of whether children should go back to school on June 1 amid fears that it is too soon, Professor Karol Sikora believes the key is to keep monitoring the situation and try and get 'everything normalised.' #GMB 

Professor Karol Sikora said it is likely the British public has more immunity than previously thought coronavirus could "peter out by itself"

Medical Director and Oncologist Professor Karol Sikora. said he is "disappointed" with his old university for its "defeatist" attitude. Read more:

Former WHO cancer chief Professor Karol Sikora has accused officials at Cambridge University of “bowing” to coronavirus after it moved all lectures online

Professor Karol Sikora said he believes the country is currently ‘going through the plateau’

The government is facing calls to reveal the exit strategy and when the time will be that they start to lift the restrictions. Professor Karol Sikora says we should start lifting the lockdown by 27th April.

If Professor Karol Sikora goes downbeat on this mess it would be like the ravens fleeing the Tower of London. Thankfully, he seems chipper again today, if a little less optimistic.


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People are terrified but hope is the best motivator. We now need a credible exit plan from this lockdown so people have something to believe in, writes Professor Karol Sikora

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