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Organization wants ODU to rethink how they handled controversial professor

#AMAY | Climate professor warns of unstable weather in winter

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Rio is not a democratic place,” said Marcelo Freixo, a history professor who now represents Rio in Brazil’s Congress. “But you can escape that inequality in a few places: the sambas, the beaches and the dive bars.”

Steven Galloway, ex-UBC professor fired over sexually assault allegations, gets green light to sue

A college professor argues the law is going to cause teachers to spend time trying to abide by it instead of "focusing on the education of our children."

Professor @desaimihira  discusses the resilient nature of the case method, and its impact on writing, teaching, and sharing his case, "The Tulsa Massacre and the Call for Reparations." #HBSCase100  Learn more about the Case Method:

Professor Kars asks in her book: "How did they pull this off?" The answer is complex, but the reason is simple: life as a slave was absolute misery.

Will the Omicron variant push the U.S. economy to its limit? Finance professor Dr. Murray Sabrin explains how the pandemic has supercharged the usual boom/bust cycle. #TheBigPicture 

"My biggest worry is for individuals to not forget the tools that have worked over the last year and a half," @HarvardHPM  Professor Dr. Tom Tsai says about the Omicron variant. "Our toolbox remains the same. We also have more effective tools in our toolbox."


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This professor debunks TikToks about ‘psychology’ and we are here for it

“As far as I’m aware she does not have any degree in economics.” “I was and I remain a professor of economics.” This is what happened when a Brexit Party MEP questioned the expertise of Green MEP Molly Scott Cato over post-Brexit trade.

Kamala Devi Harris, a daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, is set to become the highest-ranking woman in the nation’s 244-year existence, as well as a high-profile representation of the country’s increasingly diverse composition

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In the 70s I wrote a piece for MS. magazine on why men should support the ERA. A law professor fact-checked it and said, “Whoever wrote this seems to know nothing about constitutional law.” So, instead, I interviewed HER. She was brilliant. And kind. She was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Let's just sit with this for a moment and what it means. Tomorrow, Kamala Devi Harris will be the first woman sworn in as vice president of the United States.

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Tucker Carlson segment on a video deleted from Chinese social media of a professor saying that China "has people at the top of America's core inner circle of power & influence."

“If you are irresponsible enough to think that you don’t mind if you get the flu, remember it’s not about you - it’s about everybody else.” Intensive care specialist Professor Hugh Montgomery explains why this coronavirus is different from the ordinary flu.

If President Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett, Notre Dame Law Professor, Appeals Court judge, mother of 7(2 adopted from Haiti), clerk for Scalia,devout Catholic it will pose a unique challenge for Kamala Harris-the most anti-Catholic bigot nominated in over a century.

Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives, says Yale Professor

@NPR  Critics say the rule would further harm an already vulnerable group — trans people — amid a pandemic. "I can't help but wonder if the timing is by design so that this is something people won't pay attention to, " says one political science professor.