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Prof Schmuhl says while @realDonaldTrump  is trying to raise tensions, @JoeBiden  is trying to calm tensions by speaking with religious leaders and diverse groups. He says this will define the November 3 presidential election. #USprotests 

Prof Schmuhl says the "playbook " @realDonald Trump appears to be using is similar to that used by Richard Nixon in 1968. He says phrases like "silent majority " and "law and order " which are repeatedly tweeted by Mr Trump are linked to this claim. #USprotests 

"At this stage Hilary Clinton must regret than anyone invented e-mail" Prof Bob Schmuhl on the Democratic convention

Analysis of historic US policy shift on Cuba with Prof Bob Schmuhl on #MorningIreland :

Washington and Havana restore relations after 53 years. We'll have analysis with Prof Bob Schmuhl in the US, on #MorningIreland  next. #Cuba