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Prof Chris Whitty says: "I don't think there's any surprise that [Covid] is still with us now, nor is it going to magically disappear over the next few months"

Prof Chris Whitty, England's chief medical officer, says what had happened in Chile contrasted with Israel, which also achieved high vaccination levels rapidly, and where cases have plummeted

Learn to live with Covid in similar way to flu, says Prof Chris Whitty – video

Learn to live with Covid in similar way to flu, says Prof Chris Whitty – video

🦠 Lockdowns are unlikely to be needed again as Britain learns to treat coronavirus like flu, Prof Chris Whitty has said

'No more local lockdowns': Prof Chris Whitty says coronavirus will eventually be treated 'like the flu'

Covid will be with us for the 'indefinite future', says Prof Chris Whitty


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"All the modelling suggests there is going to be a further surge," Prof Chris Whitty is asked by MPs about modelling data suggesting there could be at least another 30,000 Covid deaths.

Prof Chris Whitty tells MPs that vaccination programme has been very successful but there is likely to be another surge, possibly in late summer

“This is everybody’s problem” Prof Chris Whitty tells #BBCBreakfast  infections are rising in every part of England#BBCYourQuestions 

Missing school is worse than coronavirus for children, says UK's chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty

England's chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty says coronavirus cases will rise if people ignore social distancing

“I would be surprised and delighted if we weren’t in this current situation through the winter, into next spring” Prof Chris Whitty says he expects a “significant amount of coronavirus circulating at least until that time” and we should plan as such

"Just touching" surfaces "will not give you the virus... it's if you touch it and then touch your face having not washed your hands" England's chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty on coronavirus at Commons health committee questions Latest: