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Prof Pete Lunn, ESRI head of behavioural research, says there is a big difference between what people think and how they behave. People are saying it is tiresome sticking to the guidelines, but they consider preventing Covid spread as more important. |

Prof Philip Nolan says towards the end of both the last and the current surges, when the disease has been confined to households, the incidence in children aged 12 and under has approached the population average. | Read more:

Vaccines are reducing the likelihood of hospitalisation by 80 per cent among those aged over 70, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam has said Prof Van-Tam urged those who are eligible to step forward and receive the vaccine

"How To Vaccinate The World" is going live on @BBCRadio4  in a moment or two. This week: Vaccine Passports! Fascinating subject, featuring @SimonCalder , Prof Carsten Maple, Prof Melinda Mills.

“Zionism’s tragic error was insisting on having a Jewish state rather than a confederal state and a Jewish Homeland.” Listen to Prof. Richard Falk on Haaretz Weekly. @rfalk13  Spotify: Google: Apple:

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“Trump represented a real fascist threat to the future of American constitutionalism and mobilized a very dangerous, still dangerous movement.” Listen to Prof. Richard Falk on Haaretz Weekly. @rfalk13  Spotify: Google: Apple:

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In his first speech since leaving the White House, Donald Trump has more than hinted at another Presidential run. So could the former President return to office in 2024? US prof'>Political Scientist Prof@SimonJackman  explains. #TheLatest  #7NEWS 

#CoronavirusUpdate  | India has kickstarted the second phase of #COVID19  vaccination drive ET NOW’s@29_ruchibhatia  caught up with the #vaccine  task force head Prof K Vijayaraghavan for details on the drive and mutant strains @kvijayraghavan  @PrinSciAdvGoI  #India 

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Prof Mark Woolhouse tells MPs there was not a single virus outbreak linked to crowded U.K. beaches last summer

Just learned that my physics prof from Penn is head of Fermilab & still has some of my old homework ☺️

This single paragraph explanation of the financial crisis by Prof Mark Blyth cannot be shared enough. Please RT

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#ISRO Lunar surface imaged by Terrain Mapping Camera-2(TMC-2) of #Chandrayaan2  on August 23 at an altitude of about 4375 km showing craters such as Jackson, Mach, Korolev and Mitra (In the name of Prof. Sisir Kumar Mitra) For more images please visit

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SAGE adviser Prof John Edmunds told a science media briefing 8k new infections a day (as calculated by ONS) was “a very high incidence” level - “many of us would prefer to see incidence down to lower levels before we relax measures - lifting the lockdown is a political decision”

Senate Republicans ran a transparently partisan confirmation process and then immediately insinuated Prof Ford is being untruthful. They cannot impartially investigate these disturbing allegations. That must be done by the FBI, and the vote must be postponed until it is complete.

Dear Pokémon: your primary demographic is 18+, please stop making me play as an 11 year old. Also please stop letting the prof. fuck my mom.

Virtually no mainstream outlet is covering any part of Prof Turley’s testimony. While he didn’t donate/vote for Trump because his points called out this sham he gets no coverage despite running circles around the guy who advocated for Sharia law & the Clinton/Warren donor. ?

Had Dems really believed Prof Ford's story in July, they would have loaded it on day 1 of the hearings. They thought Spartacus could take Kavanaugh out; efforts failed & nothing left but go for the Hail Mary and they desperately tried. Doesn't pass the smell test.