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Priti Patel refuses to rule out fining 'morally reprehensible' Brits who try to jump the queue for Covid vaccines ahead of elderly patients

Home priti patel'>Secretary Priti Patel says "it is quite frankly morally reprehensible" that some people are reportedly trying to jump ahead in the #COVID19  vaccine queue. Latest on #coronavirus :

Priti Patel has said people attending lockdown house parties will be fined £800 from next week Follow our LIVE blog for the latest updates 👇

Home priti patel'>Secretary Priti Patel has said the #COVID19  vaccine is "safe for everyone" in response to anti-vaccination misinformation targeted at ethnic minorities. Latest here:

'Big parties' to be fined, Priti Patel clamps down on Covid lockdown rules – video

People attending 'big parties' to be fined £800 in Covid clampdown, says Priti Patel – video

"Stop blaming the public!": Independent SAGE member Prof Christina Pagel blasts Priti Patel for new £800 fines, calling for the Government to focus on supporting people who can't afford to isolate. @eddiemair  | @chrischirp 

‘Morally reprehensible’: Priti Patel attacks people jumping COVID vaccine queue


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No one is as good at using a lot of words to fail to answer a question as Priti Patel.

Priti Patel should resign (again) or be sacked. If you can’t read the effect you are having on people you are a pretty poor Manager let alone Minister.

A reminder of some of the senior establishment figures who sat on the campaign committee of Vote Leave, which has just been fined by the Electoral Commission: Liam Fox Iain Duncan Smith Dominic Raab Michael Gove Boris Johnson Steve Baker Chris Grayling Priti Patel Lord Lawson

Those bloody Europeans. Absolutely useless compared to our boys (and Priti Patel). Brexit should be a doddle with our superheroes after the fantastic job they have done on Covid. ‘Apparent success’ said the Liar in Chief. Back in hibernation now post Operation defend Dom

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Nice to hear Dominic Raab describe the NHS in such glowing terms. In 2011 he co-authored* a book that described it as a 'monolith' that 'should be broken up'. *with Priti Patel

Priti Patel just proudly informed us that shoplifting has fallen during the lockdown. Has anyone told her most shops are shut?

Priti Patel thinks pulling down a slave trader’s statue ‘undermines’ racism protests. Have we ever had a more tone-deaf Home Secretary?

BREAKING: Matt Hancock hits his 100k-a-day target after getting Priti Patel to read out the number.

I'd like to congratulate countless foreign-born workers everywhere from the NHS to the buses on silently graduating from 'unskilled & welcome' to 'intrinsic & invaluable'. I expect Priti Patel to join me any minute now.

Politicians like Priti Patel & Boris Johnson are telling ever more barefaced lies to the public. Journalists who remain reluctant to call them lies are already complicit.