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The Action for Peacekeeping #A4P ) initiative guides the reform priorities in peacekeeping and reflects UN Peacekeeping's core agenda and commitments. Find out more 👉 #UNGA 

Looking to get the tools necessary to reclaim the driver’s seat of your career based on your revamped priorities? It is time for you to reconnect your passion and maximize your contribution. #WPtech 

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Here's how the two candidates answered questions about their top priorities and key issues:

"This bill ignores the priorities of rural Americans" - Republican Leader@repgregwalden  on H.R. 4447, Democrat's 900+ page bill Full statement⬇️

#UNGA : There is an urgent need to review, re-focus and re-adjust the priorities of the UN so that it can become more relevant and more effective in meeting the challenges that are today presented by new global alliances and realitie @GeorgeWeahOff-  , President of Liberia.

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The financial priorities of your 50s: ⬇ Reduce risk in portfolio 👓 Visualize your retirement 🏠 Consider downsizing your home Learn more from @NASDAQ ’s #SmartInvesting  tips:

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Trudeau's Throne Speech vows to take on large tech firms, including on corporate tax avoidance. "Web giants are taking Canadians’ money while imposing their own priorities. Things must change, and will change."

WATCH LIVE: Gov. Gen. Julie Payette delivers Throne Speech outlining Trudeau government’s legislative priorities

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Justin Trudeau's Liberal government will lay out its priorities for the upcoming term in Parliament in Wednesday's throne speech, followed by a rare address to the nation Wednesday evening from the prime minister.

WATCH LIVE: Gov. Gen. Julie Payette to deliver Throne Speech outlining Trudeau government’s legislative priorities

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Sad but not surprising. The Senate GOP chose to let $600 a week in unemployment benefits expire for 30 million Americans, but had no problem giving the Pentagon another $740 billion. We need new national priorities. Let's stand with workers, not the Military Industrial Complex.

GOP controlled the House and Senate for two years under Trump. If the wall was such an emergency, they could have used reconciliation to pass it with 50 votes in Senate. Why didn’t they? I guess throwing millions off health care & cutting corporate taxes were higher priorities.

So let me get this straight: We can afford to add $740,000,000,000 to our bloated military budget, but we can't afford to extend unemployment benefits and moratoriums on evictions during an unprecedented public health and economic crisis? GOP priorities in a nutshell.

President Trump’s budget sets the right priorities: -Funds the wall -Supports our military -Cuts wasteful foreign aid -Enacts work requirements for welfare recipients Most importantly, it sets us on a path to a balanced budget.

I'm at a place in my life where my peace and happiness are my top priorities. I avoid placing myself around negative energy.

Watch @TuckerCarlson  absolutely shred Nancy Pelosi's coronavirus response bill. "House Democrats have crammed it with totally unrelated political priorities: identity politics, stoking racial division as usual, global warming, open borders..." @SteveGuest 

Trump's budget is one of his cruelest proposals yet. It would: — Cut $850,000,000,000 from Medicare — Cut $270,000,000,000 from Medicaid — Cut $30,000,000,000 from Social SecuritySwing voters, if you're listening: Take note of where Trump's priorities lie.

Wow! All of our priorities have made it into the final NDAA: Pay Raise for our Troops, Rebuilding our Military, Paid Parental Leave, Border Security, and Space Force! Congress – don’t delay this anymore! I will sign this historic defense legislation immediately!

Everybody complaining about Trump but club penguin is shutting down so maybe check your priorities?

Tens of thousands have died. Tens of millions are unemployed. But Senate Republicans have their priorities in order: — No hazard pay for frontline workers. — No food aid for hungry Americans. — No funding to state and local governments crying out for help. Good job, Mitch.