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'We're coming to the end of a glorious era.' Andrew Pierce reacts to the Queen's first major public ceremonial duty since the death of Prince Philip. @ShelaghFogarty  | @toryboypierce  | #QueensSpeech 

Graydon Carter, whitewasher of Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, is a shameless hypocrite and an ass-covering asshole among assholes. Graydon Carter, GFY. He sent this out today. Former Vanity Fair editor thinks it’s funny that Prince Andrew raped @VRSVirginia  as a minor.

The Monarch is one of the three parts of Parliament, and central to State Opening. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has opened Parliament personally all but two times during her reign. These were in 1959 and 1963, when she was pregnant with HRH Prince Andrew and HRH Prince Edward.

Prince Andrew accused of racist comments by former minister: ‘It involved camels’

Two arrested after reports of trespassers near Prince Andrew's home

#LISTEN Two arrested after trespassing near Prince Andrew's home

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It’s interesting how much of the British establishment seems to have a bigger problem with Meghan Markle than Prince Andrew.

Trump: "I don't know the gentleman… I don’t know Prince Andrew, but it’s a tough story, a very tough story"

Underage girl forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, US court document claims

BREAKING: US 'demands UK hands over Prince Andrew to appear in court over Jeffrey Epstein links'

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Reckon even Prince Andrew might have a few beads of sweat today. 🔥

#BREAKING : The U.S. department of justice has officially demanded Britain hand over Prince Andrew for questioning #9Today  .

I wonder if Prince Andrew has suddenly discovered he does sweat after all?

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"I don't know Prince Andrew," President Trump says of the British prince who he has met multiple times. In 2000, he told People Magazine that the prince is "not pretentious" and "a lot of fun to be with."

Trump says he doesn’t know Britain’s Prince Andrew. They had a breakfast meeting in June.

BREAKING: Dominic Cummings press conference went ‘really well’ says Prince Andrew.