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Brazil’s ex-prezLula was cleared of corruption charges and can run against Bolsonaro in next year’s election

“Stop whining,” says Brazil’s prez as deaths from COVID variant hit record 1900+ in a day

While there was record turnout in 2020, the result of the prez election would likely have been the same with 2016 level turnout. Turnout wasn't why Trump lost, despite whatever he thinks. GOP would be wiser to address swing voters than make voting harder.

prez'>Vice Prez says resilience, research & reinvention helped India become torch-bearer in global fight against Covid-19 pandemic

How long until the 25th Amendment is invoked on Biden? I’ve never seen a less visible Prez. It’s become a Weekend at Bernie’s type administration. Ridiculous for America.

MP: Prez Kovind says, if we want to connect with the roots of humanity, then tribal lifestyle has to be adopted. He also told the citizens to ensure, tribal communities get equal opportunity to participate in modern development and at the same time maintain their tribal identity.

Objective of judicial system is not only to resolve disputes, but also to protect justice: Prez Kovind

Biden Spox Jen Psaki Hits Back at Trump Statement on Border: ‘We Don’t Take Advice or Counsel' From Ex-Prez with Inhumane Policies

How did Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky spend yesterday after being sanctioned by the United States? Watching some Dnipro hoops, of course. His son Grigoriy/Gregory plays on the team. He used to warm the bench for Cleveland State University. 📸 via team prezValeriy Kondratyev

Govt constitutes 259-member high-level committee headed by PM Modi to commemorate India's 75th independence. The members include ex-PrezPratibha Patil, CJI SA Bobde, NSA Ajit Doval, artistes like Lata Mangeshkar, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, among others


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1. @Microsoft  is one of the largest contributors to the members of Congress who tried to subvert the Democratic process Microsoft has made NO COMMITMENTS to stop funding this group At a company meeting on Thursday, Prez Brad Smith explained why. And it's pretty appalling

Chief Justice Roberts rebuked Trump for a comment he made abt judge’s decision on asylum I don’t recall the Chief attacking Obama when that Prez rebuked Alito during a State of the Union

Way to go PM Modi and Prez Trump for a great association between the 2 nations. . . @narendramodi  @realDonaldTrump 

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Schiff on @MSNBC : I can tell you that after the Senate voted not to hear witnesses...we did approach John Bolton’s counsel, asked if Mr. Bolton would be willing to submit an affidavit under oath, describing what he observed in terms of the Prez’s Ukraine misconduct & he refused

Dear @MittRomney , I have written many unflattering things about you over the years, esp during the '12 prez campaign. But your speech announcing your vote to convict Pres. Trump was the most important, moving and patriotic of your life. History will honor you. America thanks you.

Great night! President Obama is one cool Prez. He told me he was "chillin." #PresidentialSWAG 

A prez shld really check where his own country is in the rankings for literacy, infant mortality, life expectancy, infrastructure, income inequality, percentage of women in govt, etc before saying who's the shithole country...

I’ve changed my mind on impeachment. I used to agree that an impeachment in the House, knowing that the Senate wouldn’t vote to remove, was folly. Now, I think it must be done ANYWAY. The political question is also a moral one: We can’t have a criminal prez who goes unchecked