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The Sopranos paved the way for a new era of prestige content—but little measures up to the groundbreaking series. Creator David Chase opens up about the show that revolutionized television:

"Low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity" Features writer Helen Rumbelow was halfway through a year of working as a waitress at a wine bar when she attended her first, and last, school reunion She says that the decision to go was not so much a mistake as an act of bleak self-harm

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Adding Cult to its portfolio, which also includes brands such as Lookfantastic, will cement THG's status as leader in the prestige beauty category

"It all lay before Boeing—salvaging an annus horribilis and beating its upstart rival to the prestige of launching the first astronauts into orbit from US soil in nearly a decade. "And then, of course, time ran out for Boeing."

The Maharajas of India and European queens adorned themselves with pearls, a symbol of their prestige. Pearls come in many different colors and sizes, and these variables help determine their value

The University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas stunned world of college athletics with a request to buck the Big 12 Conference and join the Southeastern Conference, where an extra $22 million a year and greater football prestige await.

Maintain ADD on TTK Prestige - Steady revenue; miss in margin - HDFC Securities - Equity Bulls: Maintain ADD on TTK Prestige - Steady revenue; miss in margin - HDFC Securities  Equity Bulls

forgive me for i have now "hit for the cycle" on reading prestige longform articles about amy chua's at-home mentoring sessions

The TaxProf: 2022 Vault Law Firm Tax Rankings:Skadden Is #1  For 12th Year In A Row: Vault has released its annual ranking of the Top 100 Law Firms, based on prestige as voted on by associates… > @SoCalTaxProf  #Tax  #Policy  #Law 

It hopes to develop a prestige apartment building on the site in Melbourne’s inner north, in the mould of The Eastbourne and The Melburnian.


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I want a prestige HBO remake of Moby Dick. Six seasons. 10 episodes each. They don’t actually leave on the boat til S3 (at earliest). And a couple times a season, there’s a gorgeously shot hour-long doc that contains literally not a single correct whale fact

I’m not going to let woke lefty bureaucrats destroy the prestige of our military.

Once a symbol of his wealth and prestige, Donald Trump's 757 is now idle, in disrepair, for months left on a ramp in a random New York state airport.

India is proud of the role of the private sector in national progress and in enhancing India’s prestige globally.

Foreign policy was not mentioned. But the impact of that debate on US prestige and soft power around the world may be profound. No one admires our president or our political system this morning.

? When you make a billboard of skyscraping prestige & dazzling beauty at @TimesSquareNYC , you know you have become way more than just a club ? ?? Happy#MohunBaganDay2020  to one of the most passionately-supported clubs on the planet ?

watching king of the hill again. it’s full of cartoon characters with wildly caricatured personalities that still represent what people are actually like far more accurately than virtually any prestige tv show

The toll from the coronavirus continues to spread world-wide. In China, it is now attacking the power and prestige of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Now, investigations have shown that to be entirely wrong, and not just in Carter Page case. I don't think the former prosecutors were intentionally misleading. They were just totally wrong, and they put the prestige of their resumes behind arguments that were totally wrong. 2/3

Asif, local: We formed a human chain&didn't let the rioters step forward. Many of us suffered injuries after rioters pelted stones. But we didn't let them step forward because this isn't just a temple, it's a symbol of our prestige. Hindus & Muslims protected this temple together

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